How To Work From Home

How To Work From Home
How To Work From Home

In today’s video I share my top 5 tips on how to work from home.  I have been able to work from home for the past 3 years and have picked up a thing or two along the way!

Tools Mentioned:

Pomodoro Technique PDF

Deep Work Book

Tomato Kitchen Timer


So, you want to work from home? Really?

In today’s video I’m going to share my top five tips for working from home.

Hey welcome back for another episode of The Bootstrap Boutique where beginners build businesses. Now here at The Bootstrap Boutique we typically talk about building a side hustle but something about me is that I work from home, I have for over three years now and I know that is becoming a lot more popular out in the workplace.

So if you’re getting ready to start working from home, or if you have for a while and you’re just struggling with doing it, I wanted to share my top five tips with you on how to productively, effectively work from home.

How To Work From Home

Tip number 1 is that your office needs to be physically separate from what you think about as “home.”

This isn’t always physically possible if you live in a small space but if there is an extra bedroom or an unused room that you can just say, “hey, this is mine, this is my workspace” and really keep that separate from where you eat or where you sleep or where you watch TV that will go a long way to helping you get in that mindset at the beginning of the day that says “Hey, I’m going to work.”

Just behind you I have a door that I keep shut pretty much the whole day even though I’m the only one here, just me and my dogs. But it still helps me to stay in my office and stay working and not just wander out to the kitchen for a snack.

Tip number 2. Keep your house work out of your work day.

This may mean that you need to clean up those trouble spots that you know are going to bother you before you come into the office and sit down and start to work.

For me, its the kitchen. I have to clean the kitchen every morning before I come in here, otherwise, because its so close in proximity, I think about it and I will find myself out there unloading the dishwasher at 10:30 in the morning, which is not what your company is paying you to do.

Tip number 3. Use the Pomodoro Technique to help you to remember to actually get up from your desk.

In the description below there is a link to where you can go download the Pomodoro Technique that I use everyday to keep me on track.

I actually bought this cute little tomato kitchen timer because Pomodoro is Italian I believe for tomato and tomatoes and pomodoro technique they are just, if you google it online you’ll see that they are often related.  However I can’t use it to work because ….that makes me anxious.

Tip number 4. Practice deep work as much as possible.

Do deep work is a concept that was written about by Cal Newport and it really talks about removing distractions and just focusing on doing really deep work, it takes practice, you’re not going to be good at it to start, and it is still something that I struggle to do every single day.

But I have found one of the real joys of working from home is that you are able to remove most of the distractions that people sitting in the office have to deal with every day.

Yes I get phone calls, yes I get emails, but I don’t hear people outside my office door talking about a football game or a tv show from last night. I don’t have people randomly stopping in to chat about what their kids are doing on the weekend or any of that stuff. I don’t have to worry about what I’m signing up for to take to the office potluck, I can just focus on doing my job.

One of the keys to success in a career long term is seeing through big projects and you can take that advantage that you have of not having distractions and use that time to really work on something that’s going to have a big impact for your company but have a great impact on your career.

Step number 5. Do something at the end of every day to signify that your work day is over.

For me right now, I have a hard cut off time because I have to go get in the daycare pickup line. But prior to that, before my son was born, that is something I really struggled with was ending the work day at a reasonable time.

So maybe for you it is daycare pick up or school pick up, maybe its taking time to walk the dog or go out to your mailbox.  Just set a set time everyday to get up from your desk, turn your computer off, shut the door and walk away.

Wrap Up

Alright guys, those are my top 5 tips for working from home, from somebody that’s 3 years plus in the trenches.

Be sure to download the Pomodoro technique pdf in the description box below.

Leave me a comment down below and let me know what your top tips are for working from home. Hopefully its because you work from home, but sometimes you know, if your in the office, you’ve got to bring work home with you and you still have all those other home things that I was just talking about to deal with, so let me know, what is your top tip for getting good work done while you’re in your house. I will talk to you next time guys, take care!

You can watch this video on The Bootstrap Boutique YouTube Channel here.

You can watch The Bootstrap Boutique YouTube Channel here.

Goal Update – February 24, 2017 (Amazon FBA, Twitter, YouTube, Podcasts)

Goal updates for February 24, 2017
Goal updates for February 24, 2017

You can find all my monthly goal updates here.

Starting in 2017, I began publicly sharing goals related to building my Amazon FBA business as well as growing The Bootstrap Boutique. I set quarterly goals and do a check in on YouTube every two weeks to keep you updated on my progress and to hold myself accountable to working consistently towards meeting these goals.

For the first quarter of 2017, I set the following goals for myself:

  1. Sell all 500 units of my Private Label Product
  2. Launch a second Private Label Product
  3. Gain 5,000 Twitter Followers
  4. Send out 1,000 Tweets
  5. Earn 200 YouTube Subscribers
  6. Post 20 YouTube Videos
  7. Review 3 books on YouTube
  8. Appear on 3 Podcasts or YouTube Channels

So how did I do?  Let’s check in!

Sell all 500 units of my Private Label Product

Finally, finally, finally I’ve got some products sold, I am on the board with Amazon. And so as of last night I had 37, actually 38 by the end of the night products sold at Amazon and I had only shipped in 50 so that is good news. The bad news here is that they haven’t put all my products into inventory yet, or they don’t all show available if you go to my product page. I’m not sure why, I wasn’t eligible to do research on it until today so that is next on my project list after I finish this video actually is to find out what happened to those other units that aren’t in inventory yet.

I’ve already sent in my second shipment of 50 because my product right now is only showing that I have 2 left, so for the first day since my product went live, I’m like “please, maybe don’t have any sales today.” Because I don’t want to go out of stock, I don’t know if that’s going to help me or hurt me or what, but I’d kind of just rather have those 2 units sitting in inventory and available until the other stuff gets found, I don’t know what happened to it. But more to come.

The good news is when I created my shipment plan yesterday and shipped the products, they are actually staying in the same state and are just going about an hour up the road so I’m hopeful that they will be received into the warehouse today and put into inventory fairly quickly.

I’ve been on the road this week, so as I was traveling and I was out of state, I was watching my sales come in. And I was like, excited but also felt completely hamstrung because I wasn’t where I could get my products and get them shipped in in time. So its, been, you know, exciting and fun but also it’s nerve wracking. This whole thing is nerve wracking right now as I’m trying to figure out and learn what I’m doing.

Launch a second Private Label Product

My goal number 2 is to launch a second product this quarter. I’m still just, two things here. I’m still researching, I’ve got two pages worth of items that I want to go deeper on and look at more closely and try and figure out, do I want to kind of stay within this area where product number one is or do I want to just go pick something else where I think I can make some money. And I don’t know yet. I haven’t decided yet exactly what I’m going to do.

Also, I’m still waiting on my first transfer of money from Amazon to me for products that I’ve sold so I can get a little more cash into the business and use that cash to reinvest into more product. So, still kind of waiting on that and you know, just trying to do some deep dives and smart decisions about what product number two is going to be.

Gain 5,000 Twitter Followers

So let’s move over to Twitter. This is crazy, I have hit my goal of 5,000 followers on Twitter. I actually have 5,062.

And that is, it’s just a function of focus. I say I’m going to focus on Twitter. I’m not going to do SnapChat, I’m not going to do Pinterest. I’m not going to do Instagram, I’m just going to focus on Twitter for social media.

And when you put your focus there and you put your attention there and you spend time there and you engage with people on the platform, then people want to follow you, and so I think  that’s kind of been the secret to why I’ve been able to do this just 2 months into the quarter. I really did not think it would happen that quick, but it’s awesome that it did.

Send out 1,000 Tweets

To go along with that I have also exceeded my goal of number of tweets on the platform. So I wanted to hit over 1,000 total tweets in the quarter and I’m now at 1,156. And that’s just going to continue to grow because I’m not going away from the platform, I’m not going to leave it.

Earn 200 YouTube Subscribers

Youtube subscribers. This is a number that has just continued to grow and it’s been so much fun to watch. And what’s impressive to me about this chart is just how steady the growth has been.

I mean, its not like there’s some video that went viral and picked up a bunch of attention or anything like that, it’s just been this steady march upward and its been a lot of fun to watch and you guys know, I’m so thankful for you guys being here and watching these videos and supporting what I’m doing and hopefully learning and also sharing what you’re learning as we head down this road.

Post 20 YouTube Videos

Ok, here’s another goal that we’ve hit for the quarter you guys. I told you we were killing it, I’ve got 70 live videos on The Bootstrap Boutique Youtube channel. Started with 49. And that means that I have posted 21 videos and I had a goal of 20.

We still have a month to go, there’s still a lot more fun stuff to come. So I just, you know if you guys weren’t watching and engaging, I would still do these videos because they hold me accountable, but it is so much more fun to hear from you guys and hear what you’re working on and the questions that you have. So just keep them coming because this is all about the community.

Review 3 books on YouTube

As far as books reviewed, I haven’t updated that last circle yet because I don’t like to talk about stuff here until it has actually gone live on the channel, but just know that I do have a book review coming in a week or two and I can’t wait to share it with you, it’s an awesome read.

And if you’re at all interested in Youtube then you will get a lot out of it. So stay tuned, more to come in that space.

Appear on 3 Podcasts or YouTube Channels

Same thing here with Appearances and Collaborations, I don’t update the circles because I don’t talk about stuff and count chickens before they’ve hatched and all that fun stuff, but I have been in talks with a couple of other people about doing some stuff on a YouTube channel, on a podcast and so I’m just really excited to get that stuff out there and put together and when its done I will be sure to tell you about it.

So that’s what I’ve got this week. As you can probably guess my focus is really on sales at Amazon and as soon as those products I shipped yesterday go live I will be just jumping on it. Actually that reminds me I need to go turn off Pay Per Click (PPC) because otherwise I’m spending money on ads, does Amazon automatically stop Pay Per Click if you don’t have inventory? I don’t know, that’s something I need to go find out. I’ll let you know what I find out guys. You have a great weekend, I’ll talk to you next time, take care.

You can watch this video on The Bootstrap Boutique YouTube Channel here.

You can watch The Bootstrap Boutique videos on Youtube here.

CAMEL CAMEL CAMEL: How to Set Your Private Label Price

Today I’m showing you how to use Camel Camel Camel to get a feel for how to set your price for private label products.  Wondering what the market will bear? Camel Camel Camel has got you covered.


So you’ve got your product ready to go, but how do you set your price? Today we’re going to look at Camel Camel Camel to get some ideas.

Hey welcome back to another episode of The Bootstrap Boutique where beginners build businesses, glad you’re here because today we’re going to do a review of Camel Camel Camel. Camel Camel Camel, I have no idea where that name came from, is a free tool that allows you to see price history and sales rank of all Amazon products.

If you are just trying to shop on Amazon you can also use it to set up price notifications so you know when stuff goes on sale. That’s actually how I first came to know the tool and used it like that for a couple of years but today we are going to use it to talk about how do you set your price for your private label product on Amazon.

You might have guessed, this is going to be a video tutorial so let’s go to the computer.

Getting Started

Alright, in order to use Camel Camel Camel we actually need to go over to Amazon to start because we are going to need an ASIN on our product or an ASIN as I call it. And while that’s loading I’ll just go ahead and share with you that there’s a lot of different things you can use Camel Camel Camel for it actually has quite a few applications on the retail arbitrage side, but instead of talking about something I don’t really know a lot about because I don’t do retail arbitrage, I’m just going to point you over to a video from Stephen at Fulltime FBA, I’ll link it down in the description below, where he talks about how he uses Camel Camel Camel.

So if you guys remember a previous video that I did where I talked about how to find keywords for your product using your competitors reviews, the example I used was this childrens saucer swing, so I thought that I would just go ahead and use that example also to kind of keep a common thread.  We’re just going to scroll down here and grab the ASIN. I’m going to copy that. And I’m going to open a new tab and go to camel – if I can spell it –

Camel Camel Camel

And when this website eventually loads you’ll see that I do have an account. The accounts are free.  That let’s you do a couple of things, one it will allow you to track products, like I mentioned in the intro to this video I was tracking this to buy for my kid and then also it will allow you to access more of the charts and graphs and that fun stuff. So free account, no reason not to sign up for it.

So I just entered the ASIN up here at the top and it pulled up our product. That’s the right one so that is a good thing to see. And we’re just going to go in and look at the price history and the sales rank and we’re going to look at a few of these.

We’re going to go through, if I was you doing this for real and not just on an example I would probably look at 5 or 6 just to see where can I price this, where should I not price it, whats too high, whats too low, kind of like what will the market bear?

And I think about this like looking at support and resistance bands in stock charts, and that may not mean a lot to you if you’re not kind of nerdy about that stuff like I am.

And this is why, this is a good example of why you want to look at more than one. Because this product is a little bit weird of a price chart. So let’s just go over what this is showing us.

Reading Camel Camel Camel Charts

This is the price history for the Blue Island Tree Swing. We are looking at all time periods, so how long has it been sold at Amazon. Over here there’s a couple of different price types, so there’s not a box to check Amazon so Amazon does not sell it itself, this is all third party sellers. So we can see here, we’ve got third party new and third party used. And we’re really only interested in third party new because we’re not going to be selling used products here if we do private label.

So we all know how to read charts right? This is our price, this is our dates. So this product has been sold just since the 8th of November of 2016, and they’ve stayed pretty much within this band here.

Probably, I’m going to make a guess here that they were very close to going out of stock, and you can see they actually went out of stock here at this dotted line, and so in order to not go out of stock they just jacked their price up to $500.

Then you see that they ended up going out of stock anyway it looks like. But you can see here that when they first launched the product it was over $100, then they dropped it down to this $79 level. They have gone as low as $59 once and now they are back at $79 and they’ve really stayed pretty tight in that range except for here where like I said they were probably getting low on stock.

So ok, that’s a good data point, it’s only 1 data point though, right? So we go $79.99 that is a data point for what we might want to charge for a similar product.

Camel Camel Camel Sales Rank

We also can just quickly look at the sales rank, so remember guys, sales rank is like golf scores, the lower the better.

So you can see this started out at launch at 18,000 dropped some, I think they were out of stock period there, they shot back up and then over the same time period where they were jacking their price to $500, probably like I said because they were getting close to going out of stock, and/or they were just trying to take advantage of the fact that it was right before Christmas, you can see that their price rank went lower and lower until it dropped all the way down to 229,857.

And then once they probably came back into stock and lowered their price they came up more. Took a little nose dive during the middle of January and now are back up higher than they started, they went as high as 696. But you can just see how those 2 things, especially if we are hypothesizing that they were jacking up their prices because they were very low on stock, you can see how those things interplay.

So we know that this product was listed at $79.99 and they are holding pretty tight at that price range. That’s, that’s a good thing. Alright, here’s a good one that’s got some actual data behind it. This has been selling since November 30, 2015. And over that year and change period their prices have fluctuated quite a bit.

They launched at maybe $118 or so, probably $115, went up to $125 and it looks like they might have gone out of stock, so they may have just been testing the market with one or two sales, came down here, let’s see here we can look at the price chart, to $98.97 sold a couple, I’m going to assume here went out of stock again, so you know, they are doing what people do on Amazon when they are getting low on stock they are raising their price and then they’re coming back down and trying to generate sales and boost their BSR. Then they are getting out of stock again and jacking their price up and then they come down again.

And so on and so forth. They are doing pretty much what people do.

A couple of interesting things though that you see down here, in early December of 2016 they went down to $85 a couple of times so they could have been running one day promotions to an email list or trying to do a lightening deal or something like that but $85 is the lowest they went, which is again is, what is that, $6 or so higher than the other competitor we saw? But they are selling, they are trying to keep their price right at about $118.

So we’ve got $118 and then we’ve got $79.99 as our low. And remember, we’re just trying to figure out where is the mid point, where is going to be a sweet spot for us to sell.

Lets just check out their sales rank to see, I always like to see how they work with  price history.  So it does kind of match the early parts of their price history when they jacked up their price a little bit higher for whatever reason. But then here in December when they were lowering their prices to $85, it did not have a corresponding increase in sales rank. So that’s interesting, that’s because the market was super competitive in December. And even at $85 they are above that other product that had the $79.99 as just kind of their hold steady price.

So as you can see, if you go through these, go through 10 or however many you need to really get a good feel for where the market is and make your price.

Setting Your Price

Of course there’s going to be a lot of other factors that go into setting your price like cost of goods, what you’re going to spend on PPC, what kind of profit you’re looking to make, but this can definitely help you get started and is a good way to give you just an idea of where you can sell it.

And you’ll also notice if you have a seasonal product for instance, that you can sell for more when you are in season, and then when you are out of season maybe you back it off a little bit just so you can kind of try and continue to make sales whereas maybe you wouldn’t make very many sales if it was an out of season product.

Wrap Up

So thumbs up on the video if you’ve enjoyed it, if it gave you something to think about. And if you have any questions about what I did here leave them down in the comments below and I will be sure to answer. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already so you never miss a video and I will talk to you next time. Take care!

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3 Free Tools to Simplify Your Business for 2017

In today’s video, I discuss the best free tools to simplify your business in 2017: Asana, Hootsuite and Canva.  Do you use these great free tools also? Tell me in the comments!


What are the best free tools for your bootstrapped business?  Watch this video to find out.

Hey guys welcome back to another episode of The Bootstrap Boutique, I am so glad you’re here because today we are going to talk about tools for bootstrapped businesses.

Best Free Tools:

Today I’m sharing 3 totally free tools with you that I use everyday to help me run my businesses.


The first tool I use is called Asana.  Asana is a project management tracking system, it’s probably a lot more than that, but that’s what I use it for.

What I love in Asana is that you can take a project and break it down into multiple tasks and subtasks.  You guys know I love checking stuff off a list and Asana scratches that itch for me.

But more importantly than that, it helps me a lot when I do batch processing of these videos so I can keep track of where I am for every video that needs to be published.

I’ve got all my tasks set up in Asana so I know in one video I might be in the editing stage, in another video I might be in the transcription stage but I can keep track of it all simply and easily in a super clean and elegant format.

I also love to use Asana to help me keep track of what I’m doing on the Amazon side.  And they way I use Asana for that is by giving myself deadlines. If you put a due date in Asana, the date is green as long as you haven’t gone past it. But once you have that past due date, it turns red and I don’t want any red on my screen.

There’s so many other things that I know you can do in Asana but I’ve just started using it in the past couple of months and so I’m really starting now to figure out all the features and all the ways it can help me grow, but I love Asana so far I’m so happy with it, and I’m so glad I took the leap and started using it.


The second free tool I use is called Hootsuite and that helps me manage my twitter feed.

Because of the way twitter works, which is really that its just a list of everybody that you follow and every single tweet they post, there’s no algorithm to make you see certain people and not see other people. When you post a new video if you want people to see it, you have to let them know that its there multiple times a day.

So I use Hootsuite to schedule out tweets to let people know about my new videos because I want to be showing up in people’s feeds and making sure that if they decided to follow me, that they do know about what I’m posting.

Now some people will tell you that scheduling your social media posts is disingenious, its not genuine, its inauthentic, whatever.  I don’t agree with that premise at all and here’s why.

I have limited time for social media, just like you do.  We can not be on Twitter, on Facebook on whatever all day long. So when I go there I want to be using that time to engage with the people that I follow. If I’m worried about – oh did I share that tweet? Do people know about my video? whatever, then I’m not using that time to actually engage, I’m using that time to market, and I want to use that Twitter time to engage.

And so when I preschedule out those other posts then I don’t have to worry about that there I can just go and focus on the community at Twitter.

I also use Hootsuite to set up lists so I can make sure I’m seeing the people that I really want to see and follow and be engaged with.

So I have a list of people that just talk about FBA stuff all day and I really make sure I stay on top of those tweets and am engaging with those people and retweeting their posts that are helpful, I’m reading the things they share and I’m just really trying to stay on top of that so I can be very engaged in that community.


The last tool that I really love to use that is totally free is Canva.

Canva is not that new but it’s pretty new to me. So I am still trying to play around and figure out how to make the visuals here at The Bootstrap Boutique look better.

I love that it has so many drag and drop elements, its super easy to use and user friendly, you just got to get in there and play around with it a little bit.

One thing that you’ve probably noticed lately is that I’ve been playing around with B roll footage, which means that graphics that come up over my face. A good example of that is in my goal update video I’ll link it up to a card. Here or here I’m not sure which way it goes.

But I am trying to make these videos a little more engaging so it’s not just you looking at my face all the time because I don’t want to look at my face all the time.

Wrap Up

So there we have it: Asana, Hootsuite and Canva.

It’s all free guys, there’s no reason not to use this stuff.  Thumbs up if you’re also a fan of one of these pieces of software and I would love to know in the comments, what do you use to simplify your business, what is in the background that keeps you running?

Make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already so you never miss a video, we post new ones on Mondays and Wednesdays and I will talk to you next time.

Take care!

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Watch The Bootstrap Boutique on YouTube here.

10 Mistakes I Made Getting Started With Amazon FBA

In today’s video I share the top 10 mistakes that I made in launching my first private label product on Amazon FBA.


Pretty sure this is just part 1.

Hey, welcome back for another episode of The Bootstrap Boutique where beginners build businesses.  I am glad you’re here today because I’m going to share with you 10 mistakes that I have made getting my first product into the FBA warehouses.

Yeah, it’s a weird thing to be excited about, sharing mistakes,  and putting all the mistakes I have made out there on the internet for everyone to look at and judge and dissect, but that’s honestly a big part of why I’m here is to try and help you avoid a lot of the problems that I’ve had as I’ve gone through trying to launch a product on Amazon.

So I did recently start selling my very first product on Amazon and I am so excited about it, but I have made a lot of mistakes, I definitely have had some hard knocks getting to this point.

But really my goal is to smooth out that journey for you and make it a little bit easier. So let’s get to it, shall we?

The 10 mistakes I make getting a product into the Amazon warehouse.

Number 1.

My first mistake was absolutely spending too much time doing research and not enough time taking action.

I’ve talked about it before, I spent too much time doing busy work, doing things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of actually getting a product into your hand to turn around and sell on Amazon.

So too much time spent doing research and doing other stuff that wasn’t vital to the goal of selling on Amazon.

Number 2.

My second mistake not having my ISH together. So way back in the Spring of last year, late Spring early Summer, I actually got all the way to sending a purchase order for a product to a supplier.

And because I had been back and forth with so many questions and I was so unsure of what I was doing and trying to get every little thing just right, it really showed that I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.  And after I sent over the purchase order the supplier came back and said, “You know what, we don’t want to work with you. You’re kind of going to be a problem.”

Um…that hurt so bad. Do you guys remember that video? I’ll go ahead and put a link to that video in the description below. I’ll probably mention a few others as we go through so just look for all those down below.

But I was crushed. I was so upset and so sad but I just kept moving forward and it made me better for the next supplier.

Funny story, the next supplier and the next product didn’t work out either but for a totally different reason and I left on good terms with them.  It was because the product was too big and it was going to cost me thousands and thousands of dollars to ship it here which I’m just not ready for that kind of investment yet but but I could still go back to them and order something else, we have a good relationship whereas that first supplier will never talk to me again.

Number 3.

The third mistake I made was jumping on a niche too soon. I found something that I thought I could go pretty deep in, but I stopped there. I just said, “yep, this is it, I’m done and I’m just going to dive in right here and all this other stuff that’s out here, I’m not even going to worry about it.”

Which, looking back was kind of dumb to do because there’s so many opportunities on Amazon, there’s so many different niches that you can go down into and I just put my blinders on way too early.

Number 4.

The fourth mistake, kind of staying with the niche theme, is that for my first product, I’m not sure that I niched it down far enough. Now this may just be buyers remorse, I may just be kind of second guessing myself because I’m nervous about having a good first product on Amazon, but I do wonder if I didn’t go with too popular of a category or something that may have more competition than I’m comfortable with, and I should have protected myself and my investment by going further down into this particular niche than I went in product number one. We’ll see.

Number 5.

The fifth one, I don’t know what I was thinking you guys, this was really dumb. I had a designer create labels and instead of going out and instead of going out and getting an FNSKU, which is a unique identifier for Amazon products, we’ll talk about it in another video I’m sure, instead of getting that FNSKU which, think about it like a bar code, and having that incorporated into the design, which my supplier then put on the products for no charge to me, I just had her print the label. I forgot all about the FNSKU.

And I don’t have the right type of printer, because Amazon wants something specific if you are going to apply your own labels. And at first I was like, “Oh I’ll just apply my own labels, because it’s annoying but it’s not the end of the world” We also talked about that in an earlier video, but then I looked into it further and Amazon wants a particular type of printer or ink or paper or something , I can’t remember what it was but it was something I didn’t have. I was going to have to go get. And it’s like, “uh, another investment.” Or I can pay Amazon 20 cent a unit to apply the labels once they get to the warehouse. This go around I just opted to do that because 20 cent times my unit number is a lot less of an investment than getting the right supplies in my house would be, but it’s still 20 cents which I know isn’t a lot but its the principal of the matter and its coming directly out of my pocket because of something I forgot to do.

Number 6.

My sixth mistake was not getting photos taken of my product until I actually had all 25 boxes sitting in my house.

If you’re having something very different done to your final product versus your sample then you may not be able to get photos taken any quicker than that. However, the products I have were not different from the sample, there was just a label attached.

So I’ve had samples sitting in my house since September? October? I can’t remember exactly when I got them but the point is months, I’ve just been looking at them. What I should have done was have a photographer take pictures of those samples a long time ago, and then as my product is coming in and being received in Amazon, it would be ready to go. You know what its doing right now? Its suppressed because there is no product photo.  Amazon won’t let you sell without a product photo.

Number 7.

Number 7 is kind of the same thing. I did not work on a product listing until the product was in my house. I have known what I was going to sell for how long now? 3 months or so?

Why I didn’t start working on my product description and listing sooner, no idea. I’ve got no reason for it. So what that’s meant is that I have spent a lot of late nights finding all the best practices I can for optimizing a listing, setting up a listing, finding keywords, doing this, doing that. And so on and so forth.

Number 8.

The 8th mistake was sending that wire in early December and then forgetting about it. Bought a house, had some birthdays, Christmas, New Years, so on and so forth. And I just did not think twice about it. I knew that it was going to take a little bit longer than I felt like it should if that makes sense.

Because what happened is when I sent a wire for my product sample it took about a week and a half or so for them to actually receive the funds into their account and ship the sample. So when I mailed it, or when I sent it, December the 5th it was, I figured about a week and a half.  December 16th is the day that we bought this house. Which is a week and a half after I sent that wire. So let’s just be real, I had other stuff going on. That wire was so far from my mind its not even funny.

And it took about a month before my supplier was like, “hey, we don’t have our money yet. what’s going on?” And I immediately called the bank, it took them about a week to research and find out that Bank of America, who is not my bank, who I did not send the wire through, so I still don’t really understand all that, they were holding my wire because they needed more information.

My first instinct was to get so mad at my banker because why didn’t anybody call me? I’m happy to, I’ve got all the information right here. I’ve got everything you need to know, why hasn’t anybody called me? Then I took a step back and I reminded myself of a brutal reality of life which is that nobody cares about your money more than you care about your money. This was my responsibility, I had those suppliers waiting. They had invested money and time into creating that product for me and they were waiting on the cash to fulfill the order. And I left them hanging. I feel terrible about that, I still feel terrible about that. And it was up to me and I failed, and that’s been a hard lesson to learn but I can bet you one thing.

Next time I send a wire out to somebody, I’m going to be on it.

Number 9.

I have done a really bad job of keeping track of my bookkeeping and my expenses. I just this morning finished putting all those expenses into a spreadsheet.  Hopefully its right and it makes sense and I can figure out all of it. I’ll tell you what, there is a big fat ugly red number on my profit and loss statement I wasn’t very happy about. But, next year will be better. Next year will be better.

Number 10.

My last mistake is that I really should have had an accountability partner. Here was my initial thought, is that is where you guys come in, right? I created The Bootstrap Boutique to document a journey if you go back and you watch the very first videos, not that I recommend you doing that, they are painfully bad, but I was like, “Oh, I want to start a business, I don’t know what I want to do.” And then it’s like, “Hey, I found out about this Amazon thing, let’s do this Amazon thing.” And I was going to film videos on The Bootstrap Boutique to keep everybody updated on my progress.

And I said, “I’m going to film a video one time a week and I’m going to tell you everything I’m doing.” And you what, I did that. But I spent so much time working on these videos that I really neglected selling on Amazon, which is the whole purpose of these videos.

So, glad you’re enjoying the videos but I have got to do a better job about spending more time on the Amazon stuff and less time on the YouTube stuff. Not that I’m not going to keep making videos because it has absolutely kept me going when I probably otherwise would have said, “forget the whole thing!” But the focus has to got to change. It’s got to change.

Can I tell you the one thing I did right through all of this? I kept going, I haven’t stopped. And I did, even though it took me from March or April or February or sometime last year all the way until January 2017. But I did it! I’m selling a product on Amazon.

And this is just number 1. We’ve got more coming, There’s more to do, right? But I finally was able to get there. And even if it’s a really long slog for you like it was for me, that’s ok. But just keep slogging. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling on Amazon or some other kind of business, its all the same. Its just one step after the other. Just keep trying and keep moving forward. You will eventually get there.

Wrap Up

Thanks so much for being here again this week, thanks for watching these videos. I love your support and I want to support you in any way that I can.  Contact me at any of the methods in the description below.  Thumbs up on the video if you enjoyed it. Leave me a comment and let me know some mistakes that you’ve made in your business so you can make me feel a little better about myself. That would be awesome. And I will talk to you next time. Take care!

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How To Be Successful

So you want to know how to be successful?  Watch today’s video to see my thoughts on how to be successful in life starting today.


This is going to be a good one.

Hey welcome back to The Bootstrap Boutique where beginners build businesses. I am glad you’re here because today I want to share something with you that I thought was pretty freakin profound.

I was reading something on the internet, I don’t remember what it was, but whatever it was there was a quote in it that struck me as enough that I actually wrote it down in my notebook and that is this:

You can’t make yourself successful, only other people can make you succeed.

So, unattributed quote, source unknown, google, no help.

How To Be Successful

But if you think about it is so true.

What is the most important thing in business? Sales.

Who buys your product? Other people. Other people make you successful.

If you want to be a speaker, who listens to you speak? Other people. Other people make you successful.

If you want to write a book, how do you get on the best sellers list? By other people reading your book. Other people make you successful.

This is why it is so important to invest in others, because I’ve said it so many times you guys, you get out of life what you put in.

When you support people, they may not buy from you, they may not be your market, but they will be your advocate. They will go out and they will tell other people about about you, about your products and those other people will buy from you.

Say Thank You

I’d like for ya’ll to do me a favor. Think about somebody in your life that’s helped you, that has lifted you up and tell them “thank you.” You can send an email, it can be a phone call, you can write an actual note.  We’re still allowed to do that. But there is someone in your life that is helping to make you a success so go and tell them thank you for being supportive and for being that person in your life.

Make Others Successful

You know what? Do me another favor too.  Build someone else up.

Go to the craft fair and buy a handmade good.

That new kid that’s fresh out of college at your company, take them out to lunch and see if there is a way that you can mentor them.

Send an encouraging tweet to somebody that you think needs it, we build people up in big and small ways and they all matter.

Because yes, other people will make you successful, but when you make other people successful, you are making yourself a success also.

Wrap Up

Short video this week but I hope it’s given you a lot to think about. Thumbs up on the video if you find it encouraging , leave me a comment down below and let me know who you thank and who you are going to build up this week. And I will talk to you next time.  Take care!


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Goal Update – February 10, 2017 (Amazon FBA, Twitter, YouTube, Podcasts)

Goal Update February 10, 2017
Check in for a Goal Update from February 10, 2017

Starting in 2017, I began publicly sharing goals related to building my Amazon FBA business as well as growing The Bootstrap Boutique. I set quarterly goals and do a check in on YouTube every two weeks to keep you updated on my progress and to hold myself accountable to working consistently towards meeting these goals.

For the first quarter of 2017, I set the following goals for myself:


  1. Sell all 500 units of my Private Label Product
  2. Launch a second Private Label Product
  3. Gain 5,000 Twitter Followers
  4. Send out 1,000 Tweets
  5. Earn 200 YouTube Subscribers
  6. Post 20 YouTube Videos
  7. Review 3 books on YouTube
  8. Appear on 3 Podcasts or YouTube Channels


So how did I do?  Let’s check in!

Sell all 250 units of my Private Label Product

0 / 250

So you guys know that I’ve got my first product live on Amazon, I am super excited. It just went live yesterday, or maybe the night before, but anyway. I haven’t sold anything yet, which is fine. I’m running PPC so just waiting for that to kind of kick in and find me some good keywords to focus in on.

But do you notice anything different about this chart that I’m showing on the screen right now? Give you a second. Ok, look at that top number. 250. What did that say last time we checked in? 500. I got my shipment in and it’s 250 units, not 500 units. And at first I was like, “uhh, what happened?”  So I went back and looked at my purchase order and nope, Megan you ordered 250 units. Not 500 units.

And on one hand that’s ok, You know it’s ok, its less to sell and I’m glad I don’t have 50 boxes in my house because they are kind of sizeable. The problem is that my product cost is double what I thought it was. So it is going to be almost impossible for me to make a profit because my product cost is actually right under $13, actually $12.92 and I thought it was going to be more like $6.50 so I have almost no margin. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m probably taking a hit on profitability on this first product.

So, I am very upset with myself. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Maybe another time.

Launch a second Private Label Product

Let’s move on to the second product, I’m still in the research phase, still using Jungle Scout.

What I’ve actually done is I took a sheet of paper, I’ve got it around here somewhere, but I said I’m not even going to start pricing and sourcing until I can fill up this whole sheet of paper with good ideas and so I have been spending lots of time in the bowels of the Amazon search engine trying to uncover some good opportunities.

I do have 2 or 3 things I’m pretty excited about but I’m really just, I think the problem might be with this first product is that I didn’t go deep enough, so I’m trying to go super deep this time and just make sure I’m on more solid footing with what I am trying to source.

So, I’m still working, I’m working really hard on this one actually. Like my two main focuses right now are optimizing the listing for product one and really digging deep on product 2. That’s where I am right now.

Gain 5,000 Twitter Followers

4522 / 5000

Moving over to twitter, I am so close to my goal of 5,000 twitter followers as of today I am at 4,522 people following the @MegLoftin handle which is just incredible.

I really enjoy Twitter, I hadn’t really been on it before, I’ve had this handle for a long time but I just kind of grabbed it a while back so I could get my name, but I hadn’t ever really used it until the last 8 or 9 months or so.

But I really enjoy twitter, I enjoy checking in on it and interacting with people so if you are on twitter make sure that you are following me @MegLoftin come say hi.

Let’s be uhhh, twitter friends, I don’t know what that’s called.

Send out 1,000 Tweets (GOAL MET)

1061 / 1000

Ok the second goal related to twitter at least is to have over 1,000 tweets on my @megloftin handle, I have surpassed that now as of this morning I was at 1,061 and you know that just continues to keep happening because like I said, I enjoy Twitter.

I enjoy interacting, I enjoy being there , so I have definitely already hit that goal with really just a month in, 6 weeks in maybe to this quarter so that number is just going to continue to grow because I like tweeting.

Earn 200 YouTube Subscribers (GOAL MET)

288 / 200

Wow, you guys. YouTube subscribers, we are up to 288 on this channel.

So that is amazing, thank you, and you know I’ve been adding about 20 a week or so and I just hope that continues I think I’ve got some really good videos coming up that I hope appeal to people and make them want to hit that subscribe button so we can continue to grow and learn from each other and help each other.

So again, if you think these videos are worth watching, maybe you think they are worth sharing too and you can tell your friends that are interested in Amazon about it and we can just kind of all grow together. Let’s do it.

Post 20 YouTube Videos

15 / 20

The next YouTube goal was to have 20 videos at The Bootstrap Boutique channel, I’m up to 64 videos now from 49 so well on the way to hitting, I’ll actually hit 20 here pretty soon.

Probably by the next goal update or the one after that. So I’m not worried about hitting this goal, I’m definitely going to exceed it, doing the 2 videos a week plus the one every other Friday definitely puts me in the ball park to hit 20 in the first quarter so that’s awesome!

Review 3 books on YouTube

2 / 3

The next goal was to review 3 books at The Bootstrap Boutique channel in the first quarter so you guys know I did Eat That Frog!

I also did 5 book reviews in 1 video but they were only 1 sentence each. So it’s really what is the essence of this book. And I just did classic books that everybody that is interested in running a business should absolutely read, there’s no doubt about that for any of these books. Got some good feedback on it, people seemed to enjoy it.

I don’t know that I’ll do it again because I’m just trying to fill out one more space which I already have the book ready to go, I’m really excited to share it with you for my last one for this goal, but as things come up in the future, especially if I can kind of find a theme, like this one I was calling the “classic business books” so maybe we’ll do a productivity one or something like that. I don’t know. Stay tuned.

Appear on 3 Podcasts or YouTube Channels

1 / 3

And then the last goal that I have was the 3 appearances and/or collaborations on podcasts on YouTube channels, on whatever and I still only have in the books Be Moving Forward with John Lim that is coming out March 7th.

I’m super excited about that. I do have a meeting on the books this afternoon to talk with another creator about doing some collaboration stuff so I’m super excited about that.

Of course I will keep you guys posted. And then we would just be looking for one more opportunity.

If you know somebody that you think I would be a good fit for and mesh well with and you want to see me pop up on their podcast, on their youtube channel, on their blog, whatever, just let me know. I am open.

Wrap Up

That’s going to wrap it up for this 2 week period. As you can see, there’s a lot of work to do still on the Amazon stuff, the YouTube, the Twitter, we’re making progress there. But let me tell you, my focus is really going to be on marketing that product. I’ve got some fun ideas and things I’m trying out to drive traffic to my Amazon listing. So more to come there, I will be sharing it all along the way, of course. And I will talk to you next time. Take care!

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How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon (no software required)

Today I’m going to share with you how to find products to sell on Amazon.  Potential private label products are all around us, we just have to know how to look for them!

Download my free worksheet that accompanies this video here.


Don’t tell me that you can’t find a good product to sell after you watch today’s video.

Hey everybody welcome back to another episode of The Bootstrap Boutique where beginners build businesses and I’m glad you’re here because today we are talking all about how to find products to sell on Amazon, for free, no software needed.

Now you guys know, I love Jungle Scout, right? That is a great way to help you validate whether a product can be a good seller or not on Amazon. But if you’re not there yet, if you’re not ready to purchase Jungle Scout (using my link below) which you’re probably not, you’re just trying to get a list of potential ideas. I’m going to give you 5 different ways that you can do that.

How To Find Products To Sell – 5 Tips

Tip 1: Look at Your Amazon Shopping Cart

The first way to get a product idea list is to just look at your Amazon shopping list. Look at your Amazon history for the last 6 months, 9 months, a year, whatever.

There’s some things that you bought on Amazon where the brand really matters. Clothing might be one, shoes, certain household goods we are very brand loyal to. Those are products I would recommend staying away from to private label.

You want to look at the things you bought that you are very brand agnostic to. That you just needed the item, so you bought that item, you didn’t really care who made it.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper so you can write down your ideas as we go, or you can download my free worksheet below, its linked in the description box.

Tip 2: Ask Friends and Family What They Buy on Amazon

Here’s the second thing you can do. Ask your friends and family, “What’s the most like, random thing you ever bought on Amazon.”

I did that on Facebook with my friends and I actually got some pretty funny responses. Things that I had no idea were for sale, but that’s what you’ll get when you ask people what kinds of things do you buy on Amazon? Because where one person might just buy books still on Amazon and they don’t realize that Amazon has expanded quite a bit from just selling books like they did several years ago where another person might buy literally everything in their house from Amazon.

And you’re going to have the full gamut, you’re going to have people that use it for gag gifts, for people that use it for Amazon Prime or Pantry or any of the other services like that that Amazon has.

Some of the examples that I got were glitter capsules that make your poo sparkle, a mannequin head, a knitted or crocheted red mask, golf figurines. I mean things that I would have never bought on Amazon.

But your friends and family can give you all these ideas of things that they buy because what they buy is not what you buy, and what you buy is probably not what your clients are buying.

Tip 3: Keep A Touch List

Tip number 3 is to keep a touch list, or basically just a list of everything that you touch through out the day.

So if you wake up in the morning and you start at the first thing, it might be your alarm clock, then your pillow which would include your pillow case and then your socks and your underwear and your toothbrush and your comb. And that’s in the first three minutes of waking up.

So this is a project, it would take some commitment but it will show you all the little things that you touch throughout the day that you bought from somewhere so it could potentially be a good thing to sell.

This is a tip Scott Voelker talks about a lot on The Amazing Seller podcast and I think its a good one especially if you are going to do something a little out of your ordinary during a day, if you’re going to go somewhere you don’t normally go, its just going to help you be aware of all the stuff thats around you that again was bought from somewhere.

Tip 4: Think About Your Hobbies & Interest

Tip number 4 think about your hobbies and interests and think about the most niche thing that goes along with that hobby.

For instance, I have a hobby that I do only in the winter when its cold outside which is crochet. This isn’t a hobby I’m super into, again I only do it a few months out of the year when its cold and I want something warm on my lap at night. But if you start thinking about what does someone need to crochet then that can lead you down a rabbit hole of some pretty niche things that crocheters, which is a huge market, are really the only ones that are going to be looking for, but there’s so many people in that market and what they buy is so specialized to crocheting that it could create some interesting opportunities in there for you.

Because all you really need to crochet is a hook and yarn. But there are all different kinds of crochet hook holders, there’s also these little things that take yarn and, this is not descriptive, but they take yarn from the long skeins you see and they make them into a ball which is a lot easier to use when you have working projects, theres these really specialized task lights that some people use. I mean there’s all kinds of things even within that category that once you niche down you’re going to find some pretty interesting opportunities.

A side note of that is to think about your parents or a partner or a really good friend and their hobbies that are different than yours and ask them “what’s some thing that people that do what you do, like everybody has to have?”  And tell me about that, and tell me about this, and are there any accessory parts that go with that? And you’ll also uncover some interesting opportunities there that you would have never known about because you’re not involved in that world.

Tip 5: Keep Your Ears Open

My last tip is to always be listening.

Because you will find that people talk about things that they’ve bought all the time that again are not part of your world, not part of your world view, not on your radar at all. But they are important to other people.

Especially if they say, “oh I just bought this on Amazon.”

That exact thing happened to me last weekend. I was visiting my parents, my mom and dad and my mom said, “Oh I need to get some more of …whatever. I bought them last year on Amazon.”

And I was like “ding ding ding ding” tell me more about this, how much did you pay?”

She was like, “Why so many questions?”

Now a year ago that comment would have went right over my head, it would have totally passed me by, I would not have given it a second thought. But this year I made a mental note and I went home, pulled up Amazon, typed in the product, pulled up the page list, clicked my Jungle Scout chrome extension and looked and thought, there might be something here.

So now I have this whole private label product idea that I never would have come across if I hadn’t been listening when my mom said that.

Mom that doesn’t mean I don’t listen when you talk, its just, it wouldn’t have…in this context…it wouldn….you know what I mean…I just…we should probably edit that out.

Wrap Up

Alright friends, there we have it.  5 ways to find products. Its really just about paying attention to the world around you and seeing whats out there. And then going and checking and seeing if it is something that is going to have legs at Amazon or not. Leave me a comment down below and let me know where you like to go to find ideas and I will talk to you next time. Take care.

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Top 5 Business Books You Must Read

Today I share the top 5 business books that you must read if you are running or want to run a small business.


These books are kind of old, but they will never go out of style.

Hey welcome back for another episode of The Bootstrap Boutique where beginners build businesses.

Here is an embarrassing tidbit about me. I used to write a personal blog. No, I’m not telling you the URL, it was awful.  But one thing I used to do on that personal blog was write one sentence book reviews about the books I had read in the month and I thought that might be kind of interesting here at The Bootstrap Boutique with book reviews.

Because we are all busy and you may not need a 10 minute overview of a book and whether you should read it or not, so tell me if you like this down in the comments below, let me know. I’m must trying something different, this doesn’t have to stick.

Top 5 Business Books

But I will tell you up front, the answer to all five of these books is yes, you should read them if you are running or want to run a business. They are the classics, this is the classic edition, these are all books that should be on every business owner’s bookshelf.

Ok lets get started with Book number 1.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

And my one sentence takeaway on this book is get to know your audience, learn what they like, because its important to be liked, and that’s how you do it.

The E-myth by Michael Gerber.

Set up systems so you can work on, not in your business to act like an owner, not a worker.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.

Hone your skills and never stop learning.

Good to Great by Jim Collins.

Here’s all the factors that help a company make the leap from good to great, but the devil’s in the details and its not as easy as it looks.

The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino.

This book is hard to get through, but all the good salesmen I know use it.

Wrap Up

Ok guys, I’ve got all those books linked up in the description below, so if there is one that I mentioned that you have not read you should definitely get it and check it out because these books are foundational for starting a business. Also, leave me a comment down below, let me know, do you like this format, do you not? I’m just tying out different stuff to see what my audience likes because I take notes from those books I read. And make sure to hit that subscribe button so you never miss a video. We post new ones every Monday and Wednesday and I will talk to you next time. Take care!

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Amazon FBA: How to Find Keywords for Free to Use in Your Listing

In today’s video I’m going to share how to find keywords for free.  Use this trick to discover hundred of potential keywords that your customers already use.

Tools Mentioned:

Jungle Scout (affiliate links in post)



Are you looking for keywords but don’t want to pay for a service? Watch this video to find one free way that you can find keywords your customers are actually searching for.

Hey welcome back for another episode of The Bootstrap Boutique where beginners build businesses, I am glad you are here because today we are going to talk about finding keywords.

When you’re selling a product on Amazon you’ve got to think about their search box just like any other search engine. So they are taking keywords that you’re putting in your listing and trying to match them with keywords that customers are using to try and find product.

That’s why its so important to do good keyword research, because when your customer goes to that Amazon search bar and types in whatever they’re looking for, you want your product to be at the top of the list.  And having the right keyword is not the only factor that is going to put you at the top but it’s definitely an important one that you have complete control over, so we’ve got to make sure we’re making good use of it.

Now of course there are keyword tools out there that you can pay for that will go into your competition’s backend, scrape their keywords and tell you what’s converting, but if you’re like me and you’re just starting out and you don’t necessarily have the money to spend I’m going to show you a free way that you can go and find the words that your customers are using to say about your or a similar product.

All it’s going to cost you is a little elbow grease.  Let’s go to the computer and I’ll show you what I mean.

Amazon Tutorial

Oh hey guys, whatcha doing?  Uh, nothing much here just checking out my blog.

So, seriously though.

Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to go over to Amazon, and once that pulls up, I apologize for my slow internet, I live in the middle of nowhere, but once that pulls up, we’re going to go and search our competitors or what we think we may want to sell.

So I’m just going to choose a product that I’ve actually been researching lately.  What is it called? Children’s saucer swing, I think that’s what its called. These look really fun. Maybe when my son is a little older I’m going to get him one. Yeah, one of these things.

So this is also, like, Blue Island, that’s not a brand I know, it’s something you would imagine, so Super Duper Spinner, it’s something that you would imagine people are going to be pretty brand agnostic on this.

As you see as you scroll through there’s no overarching really big brand name that you’re going to be competing against, these are all small businesses, private label sellers, et cetera.

So we’re just going to pick one, well actually we’re not going to pick one.

Use Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

What we’re going to do, is I’m going to come up to my Jungle Scout chrome extension and I’m going to let it tell me what’s good.

So as this loads, we’re going to look for 3 or 4 or more depending on how many reviews you have, different products that are similar to ours, what we are going to be private labeling here in this made up example, and try and look at their reviews.

So, I don’t really have a science here on what I’m going to be looking for, I just want to go ahead and search by estimated sales, the other way, with the most at the top, and I want to look at a mix of estimated sales and number of reviews because we want to look at something that is just going to give us the biggest bang for our buck looking for something.

So obviously estimated sales a month of 91, that’s in the top good many of how many are out there, 499 reviews.  Let’s make sure this is kind of the same thing and it is so I’m going to go ahead and open this up in a new tab.

And then let’s pull these ones too.  145 reviews, 360 sales but oh see, that’s not what we’re looking for. So we’re going to throw that one out. The next one down, also not what we’re looking for so let’s see here.  How about this one, oh that’s a whole set. No, that’s not what we want. Here we go, Swinging Monkey, that’s what we want, that only has 5 reviews.  Or no, sorry, thats 5 stars, 58 reviews.  Ok thats a good one.

How about this one which is oddly listed in Home & Kitchen, um you know what that might be finding us some different good keywords, so we’re going to go with it.

And while I’m waiting for those…. And I like to pull up Jungle Scout and use it just because its going to help me see more quickly what is actually selling and then where the reviews are so its just kind of faster than trying to do it through the Amazon listing.

If you don’t have Jungle Scout you can absolutely just do it through the listing that’s totally fine. And also while this is finishing loading I’m going to go ahead and pull up a google documents spreadsheet.

Ok I am going to go ahead and name this Saucer Swing Keywords.

Say Saucer Swing five times fast.

Ok guys, so here is what we are going to do.

We’re going to take the words that our customers are using and basically use it against them. But in a really good way.

Well Selling Products Have Already Been Optimized – Cheat Off Their Paper

So we’re going to go and look at these reviews on these products and see what words our customers use to describe these products, because they are going to come up with things that I or you would not think of.  So like I said, Saucer Swing, you already see one here, spinner swing, tree swing, swing with friends, family swing.

These are things that I probably would not have come up with by myself, but I’m just going to go ahead and highlight them because this person has already done the work to find those keywords.

I’m just going to stick them in here and it’s all going to be on that same line, I’m not really worried about that right now though, its not something that we need to be super concerned with, the formatting.  We’ll go through and deal with that later.

So here you go, you see that this is a pretty nice looking listing, they’ve got some bullets and a mix of upper and lower case stuff, so we’re just going to go through and see what looks good first here in the listing. Because like I said this person has already done the work to optimize.

So we see that they say 40″ diameter.  Ok, well your swing may not be 40 inches but it does tell us that hey, we should include the diameter because that might be something that people are searching for.

Find Keywords for Free – Dig Into The Reviews

And from here we are going to go down to our customer reviews and we’re just going to see how people are choosing to describe these products.

So let’s see.  Not being made out of netting. That may be important but that’s a really long keyword and I don’t know if someone would actually search not being made out of netting so we’ll go ahead and skip that one.

OMG kind of fun for kids and adults. I kind of want one of these things, they look really fun.

But we’ve already go tree swing so I”m going to skip it. Once your list starts to get really long you’re not going to remember that’s why I’m putting it in the spreadsheet so we can sort later. Large swings, durable fabric. maybe a keyword that you would want somewhere in there.

Here’s one, so we’ve already got tree swing but what about wooden tree swing, and then super spinner, 2 rope swing.

Here’s a good one, solid mesh. You could definitely add that. Outdoor swing, we don’t have that one yet. Outdoor swing, copy and paste.

Giant Tree Swing. So we don’t have giant yet.  Ok so let’s move on to the next one.  Now if you were doing this for you, you’d go through them all, but I don’t think you want to watch me do that.

And I’m just going to go in and type some words that I keep seeing over and over again like swing, spin, swinging, spinning.

Something I see a lot here about this one in particular is the only thing negative was the assembly.  Three or four of these reviews that I’ve read already just on page one have talked about how hard it is to assemble. So maybe you have one that’s an easy to assemble, so you say easy assembly or easy to assemble.

Because if I was reading that, if I was going to go buy one of these things and I kept seeing this over and over again, hard to assemble, difficult to assemble, then I might go up and search saucer spinner swing easy assembly. Or already put together or something like that because I don’t want to deal with something that is hard.

Oh and this is one that I’ve seen a couple of times, I don’t know why I’ve been glossing over it but I have, sensory swing. So for people that have sensory disorders or maybe are on the autism spectrum, it looks like this is a product that is helping them which is awesome and maybe something that you want to incorporate into your marketing if you know, this applies for you.

So I’m not going to go through the several hundred reviews that these three items have and go on Amazon and pull out every single keyword, I think that you get the point from what I’ve got here.

There’s a lot of different ways that customers are going to describe a product similar to what you’re selling and it’s really beneficial if you take those exact words that they are already using and use those as keywords in your back end. That’s going to help Amazon when somebody goes in and searches wether they are searching outdoor swing, giant tree swing, spinning swing, saucer swing these are all words that someone could use to describe a swing that looks like this.

So like I said, take these keywords that you got for free, just takes a little elbow grease and use them in the backend of your listing, use them in the copy for your listing, use them in your title, in your bullet points, use them everywhere that you can because this is how your customer talks about your product.

If you don’t have Jungle Scout already and you want to use it to find products, validate products or use it like I did here which is just a little bit different, but its a way to quickly compare sales and reviews over the last 30 days, then you can go ahead and get that from the link below in the description box. That is an affiliate link which would help to support this site so thanks for being awesome.

If you do have any questions for me about what I did here leave them down in the comments below.  I really just wanted to give you a way to find some keywords without spending any money because you guys know that I’m all about the bootstrapping.

Hey thumbs up on the video if this was helpful to you and I will talk to you next week. Take care!