3 Free Tools to Simplify Your Business for 2017

In today’s video, I discuss the best free tools to simplify your business in 2017: Asana, Hootsuite and Canva.  Do you use these great free tools also? Tell me in the comments!


What are the best free tools for your bootstrapped business?  Watch this video to find out.

Hey guys welcome back to another episode of The Bootstrap Boutique, I am so glad you’re here because today we are going to talk about tools for bootstrapped businesses.

Best Free Tools:

Today I’m sharing 3 totally free tools with you that I use everyday to help me run my businesses.


The first tool I use is called Asana.  Asana is a project management tracking system, it’s probably a lot more than that, but that’s what I use it for.

What I love in Asana is that you can take a project and break it down into multiple tasks and subtasks.  You guys know I love checking stuff off a list and Asana scratches that itch for me.

But more importantly than that, it helps me a lot when I do batch processing of these videos so I can keep track of where I am for every video that needs to be published.

I’ve got all my tasks set up in Asana so I know in one video I might be in the editing stage, in another video I might be in the transcription stage but I can keep track of it all simply and easily in a super clean and elegant format.

I also love to use Asana to help me keep track of what I’m doing on the Amazon side.  And they way I use Asana for that is by giving myself deadlines. If you put a due date in Asana, the date is green as long as you haven’t gone past it. But once you have that past due date, it turns red and I don’t want any red on my screen.

There’s so many other things that I know you can do in Asana but I’ve just started using it in the past couple of months and so I’m really starting now to figure out all the features and all the ways it can help me grow, but I love Asana so far I’m so happy with it, and I’m so glad I took the leap and started using it.


The second free tool I use is called Hootsuite and that helps me manage my twitter feed.

Because of the way twitter works, which is really that its just a list of everybody that you follow and every single tweet they post, there’s no algorithm to make you see certain people and not see other people. When you post a new video if you want people to see it, you have to let them know that its there multiple times a day.

So I use Hootsuite to schedule out tweets to let people know about my new videos because I want to be showing up in people’s feeds and making sure that if they decided to follow me, that they do know about what I’m posting.

Now some people will tell you that scheduling your social media posts is disingenious, its not genuine, its inauthentic, whatever.  I don’t agree with that premise at all and here’s why.

I have limited time for social media, just like you do.  We can not be on Twitter, on Facebook on whatever all day long. So when I go there I want to be using that time to engage with the people that I follow. If I’m worried about – oh did I share that tweet? Do people know about my video? whatever, then I’m not using that time to actually engage, I’m using that time to market, and I want to use that Twitter time to engage.

And so when I preschedule out those other posts then I don’t have to worry about that there I can just go and focus on the community at Twitter.

I also use Hootsuite to set up lists so I can make sure I’m seeing the people that I really want to see and follow and be engaged with.

So I have a list of people that just talk about FBA stuff all day and I really make sure I stay on top of those tweets and am engaging with those people and retweeting their posts that are helpful, I’m reading the things they share and I’m just really trying to stay on top of that so I can be very engaged in that community.


The last tool that I really love to use that is totally free is Canva.

Canva is not that new but it’s pretty new to me. So I am still trying to play around and figure out how to make the visuals here at The Bootstrap Boutique look better.

I love that it has so many drag and drop elements, its super easy to use and user friendly, you just got to get in there and play around with it a little bit.

One thing that you’ve probably noticed lately is that I’ve been playing around with B roll footage, which means that graphics that come up over my face. A good example of that is in my goal update video I’ll link it up to a card. Here or here I’m not sure which way it goes.

But I am trying to make these videos a little more engaging so it’s not just you looking at my face all the time because I don’t want to look at my face all the time.

Wrap Up

So there we have it: Asana, Hootsuite and Canva.

It’s all free guys, there’s no reason not to use this stuff.  Thumbs up if you’re also a fan of one of these pieces of software and I would love to know in the comments, what do you use to simplify your business, what is in the background that keeps you running?

Make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already so you never miss a video, we post new ones on Mondays and Wednesdays and I will talk to you next time.

Take care!

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