8 Weeks Left in 2016 – What Are We Going to Accomplish?

Today is my favorite holiday.  It’s my birthday.

Just kidding, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I am an eater.

Hey there, welcome back to another episode of The Bootstrap Boutique, where beginners build businesses, so glad you’re here.  Did you know as of today, there’s only eight weeks left in 2016?

How is that possible?

So its true, we are almost there guys, we are almost at the end.  This year has gone by so fast and there has been so many changes and its really been an awesome year.  But there’s still a lot of things that I need to get done, that I want to get done, before 2017 starts.

So because you know, I’m a list maker, I have a list of things to get done before the end of the year.

Not only am I a list maker but my list have titles and and this one is entitled “8 weeks left in 2016 – what do I want to accomplish?”

Its short, but they are big things.

So the first thing on my list is to actually go ahead and finish the rest of the videos for The Bootstrap Boutique for this year.  Now this is eight, and so there’s only really seven videos left to go, that is something that should be totally achievable.  But I would like not, like the week of Christmas, to still be trying to get videos ready to go for this year.  So I got to get on that, and I got to map out my editorial calendar and what I want to talk about going into the rest of the year.  Comments, ideas, suggestions, you know what to do.

Ohhhh, number two is not going to be very fun.  That is get my book keeping started so I can pay taxes this year.  So The Bootstrap Boutique does not make money, my Amazon private label business, there’s no sales because there’s no product yet, so really I just have a lot of expenses I need to keep track of.  I don’t even know if I can write those off as a business expense, I think the IRS will look at it and be like, hey, you’re real cute but that’s just a hobby.  We’ll see.  We’ll see what happens.  But I’ve got to get it started or no bookkeeper or accountant or CPA or whatever is going to work with me because my stuff is a mess right now.

Number three is get a product into the Amazon warehouse.  Now we know because of the FBA rules this may or may not happen.  I know you can set up a shipping plan in December but I don’t know if you can actually ship in December.  So I do have my product all ready to go, I’ve sent my wire, I am so excited.  But, I’ve got to actually get those products here to the States, inspected and sent on all before goal number three actually happens.  It could happen in the time frame, its just whether or not I can actually, will actually be allowed to send to Amazon. And that’s what I don’t know yet.

And last but not least, uhhhh, admin stuff is not fun.  But I have to get my LLC moved from the state that I lived in at the beginning of the year to the state that I live in now.  And I don’t even know where to start with that.  But I’d really like to start 2017 with a fresh slate, so I got to get on that.  I got to get moving but I ….  Legal Zoom helped me set up the first LLC so I’ll probably just contact them and see what they recommend.  I had a great experience with them, I would definitely recommend for something simple like that to use a service like that as opposed to, I’d probably save an attorney I actually pay by the hour for more involved work.  That’s just my opinion, I have no idea guys.

So those are the four big things that I want to get done in the next eight weeks.  And on their own they are all achievable, it does kind of feel like a lot.  I know the number isn’t a lot but those things all feel like big things to do.  But I know if I get that stuff done now, I’m setting myself up to have a huge 2017.  And that is the important thing and that is what I’m so excited about doing.

So tell me, leave it in the comments, what are your plans for the last 8 weeks of the year?  What are you going to knock out between now and December 31st thats going to help wrap up this year and set you up for big things in 2017?  I want to hear about it.

Oh and if you’re still watching this video, I know what you’re thinking.  What can I do for Megan for her birthday?  So sweet, so sweet of you.  I’m glad you asked, here’s what you can do.  Take one of the videos that I’ve done in the past, whether its on the mindset, the Amazon stuff, the “here’s all the ways I’ve screwed up” stuff, and share it with someone that you think it could help.  That would be huge, that would be amazing, that would be much appreciated.

Thank you guys so much for continuing to watch, thanks for hanging out in the comments, thanks for the twitter messages, I love it all.  I just eat this stuff up.

Hey so thumbs up on this video to tell me Happy Birthday, that would be super sweet of you guys and don’t forget, tell me what you’re going to get done in the last 8 weeks of the year down in the comments.  And I will talk to you next week. Take care.

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Hey so thumbs up on this video to tell me happy birthday, that would be awesome.  I really, I am an only child so I do love my birthday.

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