Amazon PPC for Beginners

Amazon PPC For Beginners – How To Set Up PPC Campaigns

Amazon PPC for Beginners

Mike Zagare from PPC Entourage is on the channel today to share his expertise with Amazon PPC.  He used Amazon Pay Per Click Advertising to leave his job as a physical therapist and grow his FBA business from 50k to 250k a month!

Mike teaches us how to set up a PPC Campaign right from the beginning, something he says 95% of Amazon sellers get wrong.

Why Use PPC for your Amazon Product Listing?

  • Put your product at the top of a product page where buyers are ready to BUY.
  • Increase your conversions
  • Increase organic sales

PPC Basics – Terms to Know

Mike uses 4 campaigns to make sure that he is matching for as many profitable search terms as possible.

To understand the strategies in place, it is important that you know these key phrases:

  • Search Term – the phrase a buyer types into the Amazon search bar
  • Keyword – the word or phrase you use in your PPC campaign structure
  • Broad Match – keyword is present in any form in search term
  • Phrase Match – keyword is present in search term in any position
  • Exact Match – search term matches a keyword exactly


KW: Grill Brush

BM: brush for grill

PM: barbeque grill brush

EM: grill brush

PPC Blueprint – The PPC Entourage Strategy

4 strategies:

  1. Automatic
  2. Keyword Research
  3. ACoS (Average Cost of Sale) Scraping
  4. P/E (Phrase/Exact) Campaign

Check out the PPC Entourage Blueprint here to get complete details on how to set up these strategies.

Know Your Goal

Each campaign should have a goal as far as what you are willing to spend and what ACOS you are targeting.

Mike and I agree that all evidence points to the fact that the more you are willing to spend on PPC, the more organic sales come to your listing.

PPC Entourage – Free Resources for You

Be sure to check out the free resources that Mike & PPC Entourage have generously shared:

PPC Fundamentals – PPC Training Course

PPC Blueprint – the PPC Entourage Strategy to Your Campaign

Try PPC Entourage free for 14 days.

Part 2 of our Amazon PPC Training is here.

You can watch this video at The Bootstrap Boutique’s YouTube Channel here.

You can watch The Bootstrap Boutique’s YouTube Channel here.

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