Goals for 2018 – Amazon FBA, 30 Day Challenges and The Bootstrap Boutique

2018 Goals
Sharing my goals for 2018

Each month, I will share a detailed monthly goals report via YouTube Live and here on the blog. My 2018 goal report goes over each of the goals I set for myself this year and the progress I have made on them so far.

Looking for past goal updates – here they are!

My Goals for 2018:


During 2018 I will easily find 3 additional private label products to manufacture and sell via Amazon FBA.

I am excited about the prospect of launching 3 products and selling 4 products on the Amazon platform next year.

I will easily generate $1,000 profit each month from selling products on Amazon.

Increasing the number of products I sell and continuing to optimize my current product will help me achieve the goal of $1,000 monthly profit.

I will happily attend Sellers Summit in May, 2018 and learn from some of the top eCommerce sellers in business.  I will make valuable connections with other sellers.

I cannot wait to attend Sellers Summit next Spring. I plan to squeeze every drop of value possible out of the conference and share everything I learn with you.

30 Day Challenges

Over the course of 2018, I will complete four 30 Day Challenges to improve specific areas of my life and business.

January: 30 Days of Meditation

During the month of January, I will easily complete 30 straight days of meditation. I will meditate for a minimum of 10 minutes each day.

I have an inconsistent meditation practice currently, but when I do it I notice great benefits like an increased ability to focus. Its valuable time that I look forward to spending in practice.

April: VEDA – Vlog Every Day in April

During the month of April I will easily participate in VEDA, posting a video to The Bootstrap Boutique’s YouTube channel each day.

My current plan is to film an Amazon tutorial each day during the month of April. If there is something that you’d like to see in particular, let me know!

June: 30 Day Yoga Challenge

During the month of June I will easily complete the 30 Days of Yoga program from Yoga By Adriene.

I look forward to completing 30 days of yoga to spend time focusing on my body and it’s movements. As I’m getting older I notice I’m not as mobile as I’d like to be, and this will allow me to take steps to better that. You can learn more about the program here.

November: 30 Day No Complaint Challenge

During the month of November I will easily complete a No Complaint Challenge.

Ok, “easily” might be a stretch on this one, as I’m not sure I can go so long without finding something to complain about, but my real goal is to be mindful of times when I find myself complaining and choosing to be grateful in the moment instead.


The Bootstrap Boutique

Group Coaching

I will happily start a new coaching group for new Amazon sellers.

I completed my first  group coaching program in December of 2017 and was amazed by the success of the group. Not everyone is selling on Amazon currently, but everyone made progress in their own way.  If you’d like to sign up for an upcoming program, please send me an email.

New Website

I will easily launch a new website for The Bootstrap Boutique.

I can’t wait to get a new website out into the world.  I have a new look and feel picked out, and am getting new pictures taken in January. I’m so excited to share this with you!


I will easily speak at a conference or event, sharing the opportunity of Amazon FBA.

I am excited to speak at a conference or event during 2018. If you know of any opportunities I should explore, please email them to me.

Guest Appearances

I will easily appear on podcasts or write guest posts for 12 other websites during 2018.

I enjoy sharing my story and about the opportunity of selling on Amazon FBA with new audiences. During 2018 I will average 1 guest appearance a month.


I’m excited about the goals that I have set for 2018 and hope that you will join me in improving your business next year.  Share your goals and progress with me in the comments below!

You can watch this video at The Bootstrap Boutique’s YouTube channel here.

Goal Update – January 27, 2017 (Amazon FBA, Twitter, YouTube, Podcasts)

Goal Update January 27 2017
Goal Update Report for January 27. 2017

Starting in 2017, I began publicly sharing goals related to building my Amazon FBA business as well as growing The Bootstrap Boutique. I set quarterly goals and do a check in on YouTube every two weeks to keep you updated on my progress and to hold myself accountable to working consistently towards meeting these goals.


Goal Update January 27, 2017

For the first quarter of 2017, I set the following goals for myself:

  1. Sell all 500 units of my Private Label Product
  2. Launch a second Private Label Product
  3. Gain 5,000 Twitter Followers
  4. Send out 1,000 Tweets
  5. Earn 200 YouTube Subscribers
  6. Post 20 YouTube Videos
  7. Review 3 books on YouTube
  8. Appear on 3 Podcasts or YouTube Channels


So how did I do?  Let’s check in!

Sell all 500 units of my Private Label Product

0 / 500

Alright, first goal was to sell out of all 500 of the products that I’ve ordered. This…wah wah…is still a big fat zero but did you see my video from yesterday?

Because all my products have arrived from China they are in my house, I’ve just now got to work on getting them out of my house and into Amazon. So that is going to be a big focus of mine over the next few days.

Launch a second Private Label Product

The next goal is to launch another product at Amazon, I’m still kind of looking at some stuff in Jungle Scout, I’ve got a few ideas.

But I think I want to try Aliexpress this time and just order like one or two things and see if something sticks, so just want to try out and experiment with a different way to do this so …more to come.

Gain 5,000 Twitter Followers

4243 / 5000

Ok, moving over to Twitter, that’s my @megloftin handle and when I started on January first I had 2679 twitter followers and wow guys, we are up to 4,243 just 27 days later. So, that is just a function of showing up, spending time on twitter, finding other people that I’m interested in following, talking to them.

I’ve been making an effort to just @ reply people or just @ tag people, I don’t know the technical term for it, but reaching out to people and saying “Hey, I appreciate what you’re sharing online” and especially if there is something particular that they have shared that I liked, I am just really trying to say hi to people on Twitter. So if you follow me there, say hi to me. That would be awesome.  I will say hi back, I promise.

Send out 1,000 Tweets

939 / 1000

My next goal was to hit over 1,000 total tweets on my @megloftin handle.  I’m currently at 939 so this is one we are definitely going to get to, like I said, I just make time every day to go to Twitter and post stuff.

I am really trying to do it to reach out more, I also really like to retweet content and to share it.  Because I feel like that’s how I find the best stuff on twitter, is through other people retweeting things to share so I just try to pass that along.

Earn 200 YouTube Subscribers (GOAL MET)

250 / 200

Youtube subscribers. Guys, come on. You’re awesome. Thank you so much for being here, again. Can I say that again? Yes. Will I say it again? Yes. I appreciate you guys so much. I had a  goal of 200 and we’re at 250 as of this morning which is amazing.

I’ve got a question.

Do you think we could hit 500 in this quarter?

That feels crazy to me, that feels like a really scary goal actually to even say it and put it out there. I was talking to my husband about it last night, and he was like, “You might hit 300, you might hit 400.” And in my mind I was thinking, “I want 500.”  I think I want to hit 500.” But I didn’t, I didn’t say it. I chickened out. But I will tell you guys. You know how I like to share things with you guys that I don’t really put out in my real life.

But that would be well beyond my wildest dreams of what I even thought I would ever do on this channel, so if you think that what I put out is worth watching, then maybe you think it’s also worth sharing. And if you share it with your friends and with your communities, then that would just mean the world to me.

Post 20 YouTube Videos

10 / 20

So YouTube Videos, when we started this in the beginning on January I had 49 live on Youtube and as of this morning I have 59 live on Youtube.

I’m not sure if that actually counts the product update video I posted yesterday because that was like a 10 minute thing I just kind of put together and threw up there because I was so excited.

But yea, 59 or maybe 60 videos so we are right on track to hit 20 in the quarter and don’t worry they are going to keep coming at ya on Mondays and Wednesdays up until the end of March.

Review 3 books on YouTube

1 / 3

These are the last two goals that I have to share. The first is books reviewed. I did a review of Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy, which was, you know. A little lukewarm, right?

Brian Tracy is a well known management professional guru and he has a lot of things to say, I just don’t know if that book was my favorite.

There’s a lot more to him that Eat That Frog! so don’t let my tepid review of that book put you off of him, he’s got a lot of awesome value that he shares through several of his books.

Appear on 3 Podcasts or YouTube Channels

1 / 3

And then finally appearances & collaborations.

So like I shared with you last time I did a podcast interview with John Lim who hosts Be Moving Forward, which is a really fun podcast. And it’s not very long, that’s a good think about Be Moving Forward. It’s very bite sized you can listen to it on a commute or something like that and you’re going to get a lot of good knowledge from people doing a lot of fun stuff. So I definitely recommend you check it out.

However, since that time I have not done any other appearances or collaborations with anyone. I’ve got a couple of opportunities sitting in my inbox that I need to reach out on.

What I really wanted to share here was that I pitched somebody to be a guest on their podcast yesterday and they came back pretty quickly and said, “no thanks, we’re not doing that right now.”

And here’s why I wanted to share that:

One because I should be pitching a lot more and hearing no a lot more. Because that means you’re trying a lot more things.

But 2, there was a time when, if someone had wrote me and said almost immediately, “no thanks, not interested.” I would have thought that was something that I did wrong. I would have thought that I wasn’t worthy. And I was really happy about my reaction to that “no” yesterday because I just thought, “oh, ok.”

They are saying it’s not right for them right now. They’re not doing that right now, that’s fine.” And I just went on about my day. And I can’t tell you how different that is for me, than where I would have been 6 months ago. Where I would have thought it was my fault and I would have felt bad about it, all day. And I just didn’t.

And I was just really proud of that response that I had and that’s what I want for you guys too. It is important that we go out and that we try things and that we fail and that we hear no. You got to go through a lot of “no’s” to get a “yes.” If you’ve ever been through sales training for your job, you hear that over and over again. But oh my gosh, it is so true and hearing no that time is just setting you up to get to a yes down the road.

So 2 lessons from that , 1 I should be pitching a lot more, I should not just be waiting for things to come to me because it doesn’t really work like that in the real world, but 2 that hearing no and being ok with it, is a really good place to be, it actually feels pretty good.

It’s been a great couple of weeks and I can’t wait to share what I’ve got coming up next. Stay tuned!

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