#DOSummer2016 Challenge Wrap Up

Well this is embarrassing.

Hey bootstrappers, my name is Megan and this is The Bootstrap Boutique where beginners build businesses.

And I am so glad that you are here this week because we’re going to talk about failure!

Remember this?

Remember a few weeks ago when I was so excited to show you all these little colored in blocks at the end of the summer? And I didn’t even make it to two rows.

So if you don’t remember, that printout comes from Jon Acuff’s Do Summer 2016 Challenge, where you were only supposed to spend fifteen minutes a day working on some task or skill that you want to improve on over the course of the summer.So what I choose to do was learn programming, a little HTML a little CSS through Khan Academy and it just didn’t happen.

So here’s all my excuses.

The last week of June I had a week of travel for work, first week of July, family vacation. So two weeks out of the office, coming back and trying to get everything caught up it was a lot of work and I pretty much worked day and night just trying to get caught up there.  Then the next week I had my son sick so he was home two and a half days and that was a disaster.

So I just never recovered from those challenges and let me tell you the feeling of regret that you will experience when every morning at nine o’clock your phone buzzes about ten times reminding you to do that thing, that you are no longer doing uh, it sucks.

It just turns out to be something I didn’t prioritize.

It is something that I really want to learn to do, to learn how to code, at a very basic level don’t get me wrong.But, turns out it wasn’t a priority. And so I need to take a better look at what I do prioritize because I have busy days, like I know you do.

You can only get so much done.

But you do the things that you prioritize and so I feel so bad that I didn’t finish this challenge, that I have to sit here in front of the twelve of you that watch these videos, (you guys are so sweet), and say, hey I failed.

But I did, I failed.

So if you signed up for the challenge, I hope that you have a paper full of colored in blocks.I hope that you learned something new, that you improved a skill set that you wanted to improve on, but I did not.

Maybe next year.

Hey guys thanks so much for coming back and watching again this week, don’t forget to email me your questions at thebootstrapboutique@gmail.com. Don’t forget also to subscribe to this channel so you never miss a video, we post new ones every Wednesday.  Thanks guys, take care!

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