Goal Update – February 24, 2017 (Amazon FBA, Twitter, YouTube, Podcasts)


Good morning, happy Friday. It is time to check in. Hey, good morning, how’s everyone doing? I am here once again to check in on all my goals that I’ve set for myself for the first quarter and I have got some fun stuff to share this week. We are just trucking right along guys and I appreciate all your help and all your support in helping me to reach these goals. So lets just jump into it this morning and see what’s been going on.

Sell Out of Product 1 (38/250)

Finally, finally, finally I’ve got some products sold, I am on the board with Amazon. And so as of last night I had 37, actually 38 by the end of the night products sold at Amazon and I had only shipped in 50 so that is good news. The bad news here is that they haven’t put all my products into inventory yet, or they don’t all show available if you go to my product page. I’m not sure why, I wasn’t eligible to do research on it until today so that is next on my project list after I finish this video actually is to find out what happened to those other units that aren’t in inventory yet.

I’ve already sent in my second shipment of 50 because my product right now is only showing that I have 2 left, so for the first day since my product went live, I’m like “please, maybe don’t have any sales today.” Because I don’t want to go out of stock, I don’t know if that’s going to help me or hurt me or what, but I’d kind of just rather have those 2 units sitting in inventory and available until the other stuff gets found, I don’t know what happened to it. But more to come.

The good news is when I created my shipment plan yesterday and shipped the products, they are actually staying in the same state and are just going about an hour up the road so I’m hopeful that they will be received into the warehouse today and put into inventory fairly quickly.

I’ve been on the road this week, so as I was traveling and I was out of state, I was watching my sales come in. And I was like, excited but also felt completely hamstrung because I wasn’t where I could get my products and get them shipped in in time. So its, been, you know, exciting and fun but also it’s nerve wracking. This whole thing is nerve wracking right now as I’m trying to figure out and learn what I’m doing.

Launch Product 2 (0/1)

My goal number 2 is to launch a second product this quarter. I’m still just, two things here. I’m still researching, I’ve got two pages worth of items that I want to go deeper on and look at more closely and try and figure out, do I want to kind of stay within this area where product number one is or do I want to just go pick something else where I think I can make some money. And I don’t know yet. I haven’t decided yet exactly what I’m going to do.

Also, I’m still waiting on my first transfer of money from Amazon to me for products that I’ve sold so I can get a little more cash into the business and use that cash to reinvest into more product. So, still kind of waiting on that and you know, just trying to do some deep dives and smart decisions about what product number two is going to be.

Twitter Followers – Goal Met! (5062/5000)

So let’s move over to Twitter. This is crazy, I have hit my goal of 5,000 followers on Twitter. I actually have 5,062.

And that is, it’s just a function of focus. I say I’m going to focus on Twitter. I’m not going to do SnapChat, I’m not going to do Pinterest. I’m not going to do Instagram, I’m just going to focus on Twitter for social media.

And when you put your focus there and you put your attention there and you spend time there and you engage with people on the platform, then people want to follow you, and so I think ┬áthat’s kind of been the secret to why I’ve been able to do this just 2 months into the quarter. I really did not think it would happen that quick, but it’s awesome that it did.

Exceed 1,000 Tweets – Goal Met! (1156/1000)

To go along with that I have also exceeded my goal of number of tweets on the platform. So I wanted to hit over 1,000 total tweets in the quarter and I’m now at 1,156. And that’s just going to continue to grow because I’m not going away from the platform, I’m not going to leave it.

YouTube Subscribers – Goal Met! (338/200)

Youtube subscribers. This is a number that has just continued to grow and it’s been so much fun to watch. And what’s impressive to me about this chart is just how steady the growth has been.

I mean, its not like there’s some video that went viral and picked up a bunch of attention or anything like that, it’s just been this steady march upward and its been a lot of fun to watch and you guys know, I’m so thankful for you guys being here and watching these videos and supporting what I’m doing and hopefully learning and also sharing what you’re learning as we head down this road.

20 New YouTube Videos – Goal Met! (21/20)

Ok, here’s another goal that we’ve hit for the quarter you guys. I told you we were killing it, I’ve got 70 live videos on The Bootstrap Boutique Youtube channel. Started with 49. And that means that I have posted 21 videos and I had a goal of 20.

We still have a month to go, there’s still a lot more fun stuff to come. So I just, you know if you guys weren’t watching and engaging, I would still do these videos because they hold me accountable, but it is so much more fun to hear from you guys and hear what you’re working on and the questions that you have. So just keep them coming because this is all about the community.

Books Reviewed (2/3)

As far as books reviewed, I haven’t updated that last circle yet because I don’t like to talk about stuff here until it has actually gone live on the channel, but just know that I do have a book review coming in a week or two and I can’t wait to share it with you, it’s an awesome read.

And if you’re at all interested in Youtube then you will get a lot out of it. So stay tuned, more to come in that space.

Appearances & Collaborations (1/3)

Same thing here with Appearances and Collaborations, I don’t update the circles because I don’t talk about stuff and count chickens before they’ve hatched and all that fun stuff, but I have been in talks with a couple of other people about doing some stuff on a YouTube channel, on a podcast and so I’m just really excited to get that stuff out there and put together and when its done I will be sure to tell you about it. So that’s what I’ve got this week. As you can probably guess my focus is really on sales at Amazon and as soon as those products I shipped yesterday go live I will be just jumping on it. Actually that reminds me I need to go turn off Pay Per Click (PPC) because otherwise I’m spending money on ads, does Amazon automatically stop Pay Per Click if you don’t have inventory? I don’t know, that’s something I need to go find out. I’ll let you know what I find out guys. You have a great weekend, I’ll talk to you next time, take care.

You can watch this video on The Bootstrap Boutique YouTube Channel here.

You can watch The Bootstrap Boutique videos on Youtube here.

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