Gratitude Week Day 1 – Amazon FBA

Today I’m saying “Thank You!” to Scott Voelker of The Amazing Seller, Steve Chou of My Wife Quit Her Job, and the Jungle Scout team!

So today we’re going to talk about my ecommerce homeboys.

Hey welcome back for another episode of The Bootstrap Boutique, Gratitude Week.  How exciting is this?

Today I am saying thank you three times to people that have helped me with the whole Amazon private label thing that we’ve got going on.

So if you go way back into The Bootstrap Boutique archives, and I’m not suggesting that you do, it’s kind of a scary place, you will see that in the beginning I really just wanted to start a business and I didn’t really know what that going to be.  However, pretty quickly in I decided hey I want to do an Amazon private label FBA thing but I don’t think I ever explained how I got to that place.  Earlier in the year I was reading the blog of Steve Chou, my wife quit her job, and there will be a link down in the description to that blog so be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.  Steve in his blog talks about the journey that he has been on with his wife of building this ecommerce business, Bumblebee Linens.  Which as far as I can tell is super successful, but he’s not one of those internet people that just kind of brags about how great he is.  What I love about Steve and what you will notice that I also have in common with him is that he shares when he does things wrong.  Which I think, is greatly lacking on the internet.  Anyway, he has documented for gosh, several years, I don’t know how many, a long time, all the ups and downs of his business and has really given a great picture of what its like actually day to day to be an internet entrepreneur.  So I started reading his blog late last year, early this year and got really excited about the whole ecommerce idea but it really seemed so overwhelming to build a website to get inventory to do the shipping all that stuff.  And so when he started talking about Amazon and selling on Amazon that really got me even more interested and he from the beginning talking about it has been very honest about the pros and the cons that he has dealt with in working with selling on the Amazon platform.  So Steve you’re the one that got me excited about this for better or for worse, we will see, but thank you for that so much.  For peaking my interest and for getting me going down the path.  So yeah, I’m actually really writing thank you notes, you ready? Let’s do this.  Steve Chou, thank you sir.

Because I’m a researcher at heart, I can’t help it, it’s just what I do, once I got interested in FBA I started researching it and looking for more information online and somehow or another in there I came across The Amazing Seller podcast and Scott Voelker.  Scott, I love his story.  He tells it in a lot of different places in his podcasts, but especially in one episode, I think the title of it is Success Leaves Clues, which is a great title anyway but it tells the story of him and all the businesses he’s run and the different things he’s done really I think since he graduated from high school and its just chock full of information and inspiration.  That Scott is so great at making you feel like, hey if I can do this you can do it, you just got to put in the work.  So for me, Scott, and probably for a lot of you guys also that watch these videos for the Amazon stuff specifically, has been such a great leader where he talks about the Amazon stuff.  And I always say stuff because there is so much involved and Scott really goes through all of it from the very big picture to the nitty gritty details of like how to get refunds actually paid back to your account.  It’s all over the place a little bit but within the Amazon bubble and its just been so helpful to listen to that stuff as I’ve gone through and had questions.  Typically if you have a question you can find the answers somewhere in his archives, its great to have that one stop shop.  Scotts been hinting at for like six months now and now really starting to talk about going in other directions and I’m super excited to hear what else he has to talk about but just for the Amazon information he’s already provided, I cannot not say thank you Scott for all that good stuff.  Mr. Scott Voelker, The Amazing Seller, thank you.

One last person or group actually that I need to say thank you to today is Greg Mercer and Jungle Scout because not only have I used their software, and I’m a very happy customer of theirs, but also just because….You know, it’s not normal to say thank you to a company for selling you something, right?  That’s kind of what they are there for. But through the interviews Greg’s done, through the collaborative product launch, through all the information they post on their blog, they give such great insight into selling on Amazon and how to actually do it.  The collaborative product launch, I’ve said it before and I’ll sell it again, it is such a brilliant use of marketing their product but also giving great information that’s really tactical and hands on. It was so smart, it was brilliant because that’s why I bought the product, because I saw how they use it and what it can give you.  Thank you guys so much for building awesome software and just being an awesome company.  Alright Jungle Scout, this one is for you, thanks so much guys!

Thats it for today guys be sure to come back tomorrow because I’m going to be saying thank you to another group of people that help me actually do this thing right here better, which is make youtube videos. So be sure to come back tomorrow to see who is inspiring me and pushing me forward on that topic.  Bye guys take care!

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