Gratitude Week Day 2 – Youtubers

Amy Schmittauer – Savvy Sexy Social

Sunny Lenarduzzi – The Sunny Show

Benji Travis & Sean Cannell – Video Influencers

Stefan James – Project Life Mastery

So I was thinking, if I want to say thank you to my favorite youtubers, today’s video should probably at least be in focus.  I tried.

Hey welcome back for another day of The Bootstrap Boutique Gratitude Week where today I’m saying thank you so much to some of the people that have really helped me better.

That is not damning with faint praise, I’ve learned a lot from you guys, the student is just a little slow on the uptake.

So the first person that I really want to say thank you to is someone that I found by googling how to do very basic youtube functions.  Very basic.  Hey Amy Schmittauer, you knew I was going to ask those dumb questions and you were there for me with videos about how to schedule a post on youtube to post at a later date and all kinds of good stuff like that so thank you so much for all those tactical videos that you have posted over the last few years they have been super helpful to me as I have asked really basic you tube questions that I would be way too embarrassed to ask in real life.  Hey Amy, for real though, thanks so much for all those videos. Keep killing it.

Next I have to say thank you to Sunny Lenarduzzi  not only for facebook, no.  Next I have to say Thank you to Sunny Lenarduzzi not only for Youtube videos but for all things social media and also your be your own boss mastermind that you have on facebook.  I love that group, everybody is super engaged and involved and I have to tell you, that I’m a member of quite a few facebook groups and no other “owners” are as in the weeds and as involved and there as you are.  So thanks for always showing up there, thanks for being so accessible, for answering questions thanks for all the trainings that you have given its just been awesome to learn from you this year.  Thanks Sunny, I really appreciate it.

Ok next I actually have two people and that is Benji and Sean of Video Influencers.  These guys are awesome for talk about how to grow your reach and spread your influence and impact on youtube. I’ve learned alot about the behind the scenes stuff the SEO, the keyword research, the reaching out to others from these guys.  So any growth that I have had in my channel this year, which has been a little bit but more than I would have done on my own, is really a lot in thanks to these guys for being so willing to share all that information.  So Benji, Sean, thank you guys.  Video Influencers, thank you.

Now for my last thank you today, I’ve got to talk to Stefan James of Project Life Mastery.  His Youtube channel is not so much about how to have a you tube channel, although he does talk about that.  But what he has really shown me is how you can use a youtube channel to support your other business and that is absolutely something that I plan on doing with my Amazon private label business so it’s really, watching his videos has just opened me up to a whole different way to think about youtube and how to use youtube as a marketing tool as well as just like an information sharing, lets get to know each other and talk about our stuff that we have going on which is currently how I use youtube, way to use youtube.  That was a run on sentence.  I apologize.  But Stefan has really shown me how to do that and I don’t know if that’s something I would have thought of on my own, so I owe you a wheat grass shot, or whatever it is that you’re always drinking on your snapchats.  I’d probably just go with whiskey but we can do whatever.  Stefan, Project Life Mastery, thank you sir!

Alright guys that is four great youtube channels that I definitely think you should check out if you’re interested in using youtube for marketing, if you’re interested in using it to share ideas, if you need to find out how to get more likes on your cat videos.  No judgement but definitely check those videos out below they are all going to be linked down in the description.  Don’t forget to come back tomorrow where we are going to be doing thank yous to another group of people that honestly help get me through the day, every day working from home.  So be sure to subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already so you don’t miss it.  I will talk to you tomorrow guys, take care!

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