Gratitude Week Day 3 – Podcasters

Today I’m saying thank you to Being Boss, The Scot and the Sassenach, Stacking Benjamins and Rob Has a Podcast!

On the surface these don’t have a lot to do with business. Just bare with me.

Hello welcome back to another day of The Bootstrap Boutique’s Gratitude Week, so, so glad you’re here.  I hope you guys are enjoying this series it certainly has been a lot of fun for me to think back on the year and the people and companies that have helped me do what I do.

So, today I wanted to talk about podcasts and not even necessarily business podcasts, but I’ve mentioned before I work from home so I’m by myself all day and while I do probably spend too much time on the phone, when I’m not on the phone it gets really quiet here. My dogs don’t talk, so I spend the day and fill the quiet by listening to podcasts.  So I really wanted to reach out and say Thank You to the people that are kind of in my head all day helping me to get through the days and not feel like I’m a lonely crazy person.

The first two ladies that I want to thank are Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon of Being Boss.  This is actually the only business podcast that is at all related to this side business that I’m doing.  These ladies walk the walk and talk the talk, so what I mean by that is that they are both small business owners and use that knowledge and that perspective to give a really awesome podcast to female creative entrepreneurs.  And I am like the last person on earth that would label myself as a creative entrepreneur, that’s not what I’m doing here, but I still get a lot of value just out of the stories they share and the perspective that they give on what its actually like to run a business.  Because obviously its not all roses but the freedoms that they have are really enviable and something that I definitely aspire to.  So got to shout it out to Emily and Kathleen, thank you so much for your podcast, I love listening, I don’t know that I’ve ever skipped an episode.  Maybe that one about moons, that might have been a little too much for me, but its so inspiring and I just love what you guys are doing and what you’re sharing with everybody so please, please, please never stop.  From The Bootstrap Boutique to Being Boss, we really love Bs and that’s awesome.  Thanks ladies!

Ok this next podcast you have definitely never heard me talk about before.  One of my guilty pleasures is a book series called Outlander and yeah that has recently become a popular TV show on Starz, which is like a subscription network, I don’t know I just watch it on Netflix.  But anyway, my husband makes fun of me because I like to read recaps of shows I’ve just watched, I don’t know why, it’s a thing about me as a person.  It’s there. Outlander, I actually found this podcast called The Scot and the Sassenach, which I’m not saying right, I’m just going to call it TSATS from now on.  But this podcast is produced by StoryWonk and that is a husband and wife team, Lani Diane Rich and Alastair Stevens who is a Scot, Alastair is from Scotland, and Lani is from America so she is a Sassenach, I’m going to say that wrong again, or an Outlander, which is where the name comes from. I’m getting way too in the weeds here you don’t care about this.  What you need to know is that they talk so much about the story.  That is what their focus is on, they are always talking about the story.  Is this a good story? How does this story work? And it has really helped me in listening to that it does kind of you know, it gets in your head and it makes me think about what is the story I’m telling here at The Bootstrap Boutique.  Clearly I don’t have that figured out yet but it is something I think about quite a bit and look forward to continuing to mold as we go into 2017.  Really I just love the podcast and they used to do another podcast called The Lightbulb that I loved, it is now dearly departed but Lani, Alastair, thank you guys so much, you’re awesome and I just get a thrill!  Hey TSATS, thank you!

Alright so back to someone you guys have heard me talk about before and that is Stacking Benjamins and that podcast which is all about money and I know that’s not everybody’s favorite thing to talk about but I really enjoy it and if you think you might be interested at all, just know that they’re not like a really dry boring oh my gosh this is like sitting in econ 101 class.  Again, it really talks about money in a fun accessible way and so if that is something you think you might at all be interested in or at all need help with in your life, you got to listen to those guys.  Go check them out, Joe and OG will keep you entertained I promise you that.  So Stacking Benjamins, thanks guys you are awesome. Joe, Kathleen and everybody at Stacking Benjamins, Thank you thank you thank you!

The last podcaster that I have to say thank you to today is someone else that again I haven’t talked about here ever. But if you listen to podcasts, you may have come across this person before especially if you have any interest in reality television at all.  That would be Rob Cesternino at Rob Has a Podcast.  Now, you may think that there is no way you could make a living talking about reality tv, but turns out you’re wrong.  There’s a business model for everything I guess.  And I say that joking, but honestly you can’t talk about creating a community around something, anything, without thinking about Rob Cesternino and Rob Has A Podcast, Rob Has A Website, Rob Has A Planet, whatever it is that he’s created, its huge.  And people are so plugged in with what he’s doing 1) because he’s extremely humble and gracious 2) because you really get the sense that he cares about the people that listen to his podcasts and does things to include them whenever possible.  One of my favorite podcasts he does every year is Live Know It Alls, I’m not going to get into what Know It Alls are and live versus not live and all that, the point is that he goes out of his way every year to invite anybody that wants to come to a live taping of his podcast and people love it, it does sound like a lot of fun, if you’re super into Survivor.  I’m not sure how he does it but I’m fairly certain that Rob spends more hours podcasting in a week than there are actually hours in a week, so maybe some sort of voodoo magic, but it means that there’s always something to listen to, and for that, I thank you!  Rob Cesternino over at Rob Has A Podcast, thank you so much for keeping me entertained and for giving me somebody to talk about Survivor with.

Alright guys, that’s going to do it for today.  Be sure to come back tomorrow I’ve got some internet business guru people that I have got to say Thank You to.  So don’t forget, subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already so you don’t miss a video and come back for the last day of Gratitude Week.  Thanks guys, take care!

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