Gratitude Week Day 4 – Online Business Gurus

Mariah Coz – Femtrepreneur

Bryan Harris – Video Fruit

Regina Anaejionu – By Regina

Do you know what’s better than Black Friday shopping?  Pretty much everything, but especially this.

Hey thanks so much for coming back for the last day of The Bootstrap Boutique Gratitude Week, it has been such a fun week, we have said Thank You to all sorts of different people here on The Bootstrap Boutique and I hope you’ve done the same in your life.

Today I am saying thank you to three people that I would call them online business gurus, they probably won’t like that term very much but its a good way for me to group them and to keep them straight in the old noggin.

What is interesting about all three of these people is that I follow them online, I read their blogs and I’m on their newsletters but I haven’t actually used any of their services yet, its definitely a part of my business that I see being useful down the road when I get actually some money coming in instead of just everything going out with the Amazon Private Label product business.  You know, when I’m actually ready to start growing the online portion of this business but like I said its a little bit down the road so I’m on their newsletters and stuff so I keep in touch and know whats going on but haven’t actually really dug in but still wanted to share these people with you also because you’re probably doing something different than I am and I bet one of these three people can help you do that thing.

So the first person that I am going to say thank you to is Mariah Coz.  I’m going to call her the online course guru.  Mariah’s specialty is really teaching people how to launch courses to teach other people on the internet.  Ok, if you ever want to go down that internet rabbit hole of learning how to set up a course to teach people something online, you will find that there are no shortages of people that want to make money by teaching you how to teach a course to make money.  But Mariah is the real deal.  One thing you should always look for in a business coach or a teacher is someone that has done the thing, not just in teaching a course on how to do the thing, but they’ve actually gone out and done it independently of that.  So Mariah has done that, she has taught different internet courses, and I think maybe even some in person, so Mariah had done the thing and has the chops to prove it.  So when I’m ready to go down that course path, I mentioned a long time ago that I have an email course in the back of my head but that’s probably not even until a 2018 type project, I know she’s there and will be ready and I can’t wait until I can learn from her.  So Mariah, thank you so much for putting that out there, thanks for letting me follow along on your newsletter even though I’m not a customer, but I probably will be one day, so let’s be friends thanks. Hey Mariah, can’t wait to work with you soon.  Thank you!

Ok next we have Bryan Harris and the team over at Video Fruit.  So for me, Bryan is synonymous with email list building.  And again I have been reading his blogs, I’ve listened to webinars he’s done, I’ve really gotten a lot of great information out of him just off the free stuff he provides and he again has courses that are available for how to build an email list and all that great stuff.  When I get there, sometime in 2017, not there yet, but we’re working on it. So Bryan I appreciate all the free information that you’ve given out already and I can’t wait to work with you sometime next year.   Alright Bryan, let’s get building some lists together next year.

Ok for my final Thank You of Gratitude Week 2016 I wanted to say Thank You to Regina Anaejionu. So Regina also does the online business/online course teachings.  But what I really love that she shares are her case studies.  Because if you go down that online rabbit hole of how to build a course or how to have an online business, you find all these people bragging about “here’s my six figure launch” “here’s where I made $150,000 off this launch.” Blah, blah, blah, blah.  That’s great but that really doesn’t help somebody that is brand new and trying to do something for the first time.  So Regina actually shared a case study recently about the very first time that she launched an online product.  And she did not make six figures, I’m not even sure she made five, I think it was in the four figures, but hey, guess what, that’s still a success!  I think I read that Regina is actually shutting down most of her courses and revamping them so I would love to say that I”ll be working with you in 2017 but I don’t know yet because I’ve got to see what you put out there but I do not doubt one bit that its going to be awesome.  So let’s just go ahead and pencil something in on the calendar. Hey Regina, let’s be friends!

Alright guys that is three internet/online business superstars that I know can help you build your business in 2017, but sure to check them out, I’m going to link them down in the description below.  And be sure that you are subscribed  to this channel, next week we are going to go back to our regular schedule where I will post on Wednesdays and look forward to talking to you then.  So make sure you come back.  Have a great week, take care!

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