Hard Work and the Fear of Failure

Hey guys my name is Megan and this is Week Six of The Bootstrap Boutique.  Thank you so much for coming back again!

I want to talk about something a little different this week and that is hard work.  If you remember back to the first week of this video series I said I’ve always wanted to start a small business and when I read about small business owners of successful entrepreneurs they are always talking about how in the beginning there was so much hard work, but no body ever really expands on what that means or what that looks like, so I wanted to do that through youtube videos.

So where I am in my business is that I’ve done all the easy stuff.  I’ve started a business, I have the LLC, it has a name.  I’ve registered with my city, with the state, I’ve got the sales tax license and all that stuff. It’s all good to go.  I’ve got a checking account, we are ready.

Now, I’m at the place where I have to do the hard work, which means actually fulfilling a product, getting it to Amazon, and that doesn’t sound that hard, it really is just like sending emails and wires and stuff, but what is hard about it is that I have some big decisions to make.  The product that I’ve researched, is that what I want to move forward with.  How do I get photos, at what point do I sign up for Amazon seller central?  I think I need to do that before I get my product submitted or purchased but I don’t know.  That has a cost attached to it so I don’t want to do it too soon.

These are the things that have been keeping me up at night and I’m just not sure really how to lay out a plan of attack.  And that to me is hard.  I’ll be honest, there’s another thing that’s really hard to and that’s the crippling fear of failure.  There is no guarantee of success doing this and that makes me nervous.  That makes me scared.  And I think that is normal.  There are some special unicorn people out there that like to dive into this kind of thing headfirst but I don’t believe that entrepreneurship is about taking risks for the sake of taking risks.  I think its about taking really calculated risks and making really smart decisions about how to spend your time and how to spend your money.

So I’m really worried that I’m not making the right decisions, but there’s no way to know if I am or not, except for if I go out and do it.  So that’s what I try to keep in mind.  I’m really working on just getting one or two things done every day to move forward because when I’m not doing that and I’m instead thinking about how this may fail, then that’s really scary and it just kills my momentum.

So I’m trying so hard to stay on task, to do something every day to move my product launch forward, but its hard and it’s not hard in the way that I thought it would be hard.  Like I would have to really think about things or do some kind of crazy hard thing that I’ve never done before that I don’t even know.  I know what I need to do but its that decision making that is just tough right now and I’m struggling with.

If this is something that you’ve ever dealt with and you have some great tips on how to get myself out of my own head and just continue to move forward, please send them to me, I would like to know what they are.

You can email me at thebootstrapboutique@gmail.com.  I’m posting all these videos also to a webpage thebootstrapboutique.wordpress.com.  You can leave me a comment here, just let me know what to do to stop being scared and to embrace the hard work.  Thank you guys, I can’t wait to talk with you next week.  Take care.

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