How To Deal With Criticism.

Critics.  Yeah.

Hey welcome back for another week of The Bootstrap Boutique where beginners build businesses.  I had a big old empty spot on my editorial calendar for this week and I really didn’t know what I wanted to talk about.

But then yesterday afternoon I was reading an article about a guy named Mark Bellissimo who is very big in the part of the world where I live.  Because I live in horse country and Mark Bellissimo is, lets call him an equine entrepreneur.

One of the many things he does is work to build equestrian sporting events into a much more popular and mainstream offering, whereas currently they’re really not at all.  So what that means is that the World Equestrian Games, which is a two week plus equestrian sporting event is going to be here in Western North Carolina.  This is only the second time that these games have ever even been in North America so to say its a big deal is an understatement.  So equestrian sporting events are generally considered kind of an elitist activity.  We’re not talking about horses on the farm that are used to work or ranching horses or anything like that, but show horses, that takes a lot of capital to get started in.  And because Mark wants to take this very kind of elitist activity and bring it out and make it more accessible to the masses, he has faced a lot of criticism for wanting to do that.

And yesterday I was reading this article about the World Equestrian games and about Mark and he gave this quote about criticism and that’s what I wanted to share with you today.

And criticism is something that I really struggle with and am kind of shielding myself from to a degree that I probably shouldn’t, but I will tell you that nobody in my personal life except for my husband even knows about this youtube channel at this point, nobody except for my husband and maybe two other people know about the Amazon private label business that I’m starting.  I just, its just not something that I have felt comfortable sharing with people that know and love me yet.  But you guys, yeah, I’ll talk to you all day about it.

So here we go. Mark was asked about a life lesson that he has to share and here is what he said about criticism.

Change is extremely hard for most people because they are invested in what they can know, feel and touch.  Add a level of uncertainty in the outcome of that change, and it creates fear.

That fear then evolves into resistance and criticism of the unknown and criticism of the individuals who are trying to effect that change.

This is true for most exploration and innovation in history.

The fact is that visions do not come with majority support, and the execution of that vision is filled with setbacks in the form of mistakes, failures and shortcomings that provide fodder for the critic.  In response to these setbacks, you can either quit, adapt, or get stronger, smarter and overcome.

If the critics prevail, if the status quo prevails, the changes and opportunities die.  You will never know what could have been.

Your willingness to persevere directly correlates with your belief in the outcome.

Because the ultimate fact is critics do not write great novels, produce great movies, build great buildings, invent cures, build companies or lead society.

They criticize.

Criticism is important to a process, but it should not be the lasting legacy.

Ok full disclosure that is not a direct word-for-word quote because I am not good at memorizing lines.  But how great is that? This is a guy that faced a lot of criticism from very powerful people for trying to do what he’s trying to do.  But he believes so much in his vision that he doesn’t care.  He’s willing to take the criticism because he knows its going to serve a greater purpose.

Which makes me feel a little silly when I’m sitting here thinking oh my gosh, what are my friends going to say when they discover this youtube channel one day? Well, I’m still nervous about that.

So I’m going to put a link down to that article below so you can go check it out for yourself and read the actual direct quote.  But I want you to keep this in mind when you hear somebody in your head or somebody in your real life saying, “uh huh I told you that you were just wasting your time with that” or however that form of criticism works in your life, because its something we all deal with.

Alright, down in the comments below today guys please tell me about how you face criticism and deal with it in your own life. And what kind of tools and tricks you use to overcome it. Thanks so much for joining me again this week don’t forget to subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already.  Thumbs up on the video, I’d appreciate that also and I will catch you next week.  Take care!

Horse Canada article here.

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