Outsourcing for Amazon FBA pt. 1

Outsourcing for Amazon FBA – What and Why to Outsource (pt. 1)

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In today’s video I’m joined by John Jonas, the founder of Onlinejobs.ph. We discuss the many reasons why you may want to consider outsourcing work overseas to help you grow your Amazon FBA business.

Why Outsource:
– work on your business, not in your business
– currency differences make a paying good living wage affordable as a business owner
– free your time to focus on growth activities

What Types of Activities Should I Outsource:
– hire someone to do what you are already doing well
– don’t focus on getting more done, get the right things done

How a VA can help run your FBA Business – you’d be surprised at how much you can take off your plate!

Make sure you watch the entire video to hear tons of real stories about how John has used outsourcing to grow his business – even when we was unable to work for months at a time.

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