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  • Amazon FBA: No Perfect Products

    What happens when you wait until you find the Perfect Product to begin selling on Amazon? Most likely….you never start. If you try and check every box that everyone says…

  • Your Amazon FBA Questions Answered!

    Your Amazon FBA Questions Answered! Today’s video comes directly from YOU – I’m answering the questions you guys are leaving in the comment section of my videos. These are great…

  • New PPC Strategies: Low Bid and Long Tail Keyword Campaigns

    NOTE: Every time I say (or write) “Long Term Keywords” please understand that I meant “Long Tail Keywords.” #thestruggleisreal In today’s video I’m sharing 2 new PPC Strategies that I’ve…

  • AMAZON FBA: Comparing Costs of Products 1 and 2

    Since I recently launched my second product selling on Amazon FBA, I decided to do another cost break down detailing the funds it took to bring this product to market….