How find Keywords for PPC Campaigns on Amazon FBA

**Download your copy of the Keyword Research Checklist here**

In the last video we talked about how to do keyword research to help our private label products rank on page 1 of the Amazon search results.

Today, we are going to take that same keyword research and use it to create search terms for our Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns.

It is important that we are using highly relevant keywords in our Pay Per Click campaigns on Amazon because you are paying money each and every time that someone clicks your advertisement (hence the name…).  You only want your sponsored product ad to show up for relevant search terms.  Otherwise, you will find yourself spending money with no return on investment, and no real potential for return on investment.

In this video, I show you why it’s important to look over your list carefully – words can have other meanings totally separate from our products!

Watch this video to learn how to find keywords for PPC campaigns on Amazon FBA.

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**Download your copy of the Keyword Research Checklist here.**

You can watch this video at The Bootstrap Boutique’s YouTube channel here.

You can watch more videos at The Bootstrap Boutique’s Youtube channel here.

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