Setting My First Goal

Hey guys my name is Megan and this is week 7 of The Bootstrap Boutique. Thank you so much for joining me again as I go through this journey of starting an online business.

So this week, I just wanted to share something I’m really excited about, and that is…I have set a goal.

Probably doesn’t sound like something to be super excited about right? We’re going to have to set lots of goals to get this business off the ground, but the reason I’m so excited about it is because I really needed to bring some focus into workingon this business.

I’ve been working on this for six or seven weeks now and as I’ve gone through I’ve just been happy with making little decisions here and there and just moving forward in a really incremental way.

But it’s time to do something bigger and so what I’m going to do is by this Friday, so today is Wednesday so by Friday, I will have placed an order with my supplier in Taiwan and sent a down payment for the order.

So that is my goal, I’ve got to make it happen. I still have a few things I’m trying to work through with the suppliers. If any of you guys have ever done this before, you know its kind of difficult because of the time difference, they are about twelve hours different from what we are here on the east coast, and so you know that definitely adds some time.

So I have learned a lot forwhen I try to do this again and replicate with a new product as far as what to actually get out in those first few emails to make sure that this process doesn’t drag on for weeks and weeks.

But the simple fact is that its time to take action. I’m so excited that by Friday my product will be in production and I just can’t wait. So come back next week, I will update you on what happens and we will go from there.

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Thanks so much!

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