How To Prioritize With A Time Management Matrix


I know we’ve talked about to do lists before, but this is not a to do list. It’s a matrix, totally different! Hey welcome back to another episode of The Bootstrap Boutique where beginners build businesses. I’m glad you’re here because today I’m going to share another really fun productivity tool with you guys.

And unlike the 3×5 method which is something I invented just for myself, this is an actual real thing that real people in real businesses do, so hopefully its something that will resonate with you.

Time Management Matrix

And what I’m talking about is Stephen Covey’s time management matrix. So if you’ve ever read the book the 7 habits of highly effective people, and I’ve got my one sentence book review linked down below, then this will be familiar to you. But don’t skip ahead, because its always good to have a refresher.

What is the Time Management Matrix?

The time management matrix is the way to prioritize your tasks because you’re going to have your to do list and you’re going to have items that are screaming at you to get done but they don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Then you’re going to have the really big important things that you need to get done the things that are going to advance your career, build your business but because they’re not screaming at you, you just tend to put them off to the next day.

Time Management Matrix for The Bootstrap Boutique

So let’s go through what a time management matrix could look like for me running The Bootstrap Boutique.

Here’s our matrix, its just 2 boxes by 2 boxes and on the side we’re going to label box 1 important and 2 not important, 3 urgent and 4 not urgent. And you’re going to take your to do list and you’re going to decide: what is important and urgent, important and not urgent, not important but urgent and not important and not urgent.

So a to do list for The Bootstrap Boutique may look something like this: reply to comments, shoot video, transcribe video, post to blog, research videos, do out reach, do social sharing and do branding.

So lets go through the exercise and put things in the boxes so we can determine what I should be focusing on during the day and what I probably shouldn’t.

Reply To Comments

Ok, reply to comments. Now responding to comments is one of my favorite things I do because I love to interact with this community but at the end of the day, how much does it really build the business? That was not meant to be a misleading comment. I actually that responding to comments and emails and talking with you guys is one of the most important things I can do as the head bootstrapper of The Bootstrap Boutique because its how you build a community. So for me replying to comments is both important and urgent because your expectation when you comment on my video is not that 3 weeks later I’ll respond to you, it’s probably within a day, maybe 2 if its the weekend, but usually it’s within a day for sure.

Shoot Videos

Ok number 2. Shoot Video. That also, I believe, falls into the important and urgent category. Because if I don’t have videos, I don’t have a Bootstrap Boutique. There’s nothing else here. There’s not really a blog to speak of, or any other medium where I share information with you guys. This is it, so these videos have got to get done, so they also go in that first quadrant of important and urgent.

Write Transcripts

What about my number 3 item though? Write Transcripts. Did you guys know that I personally transcribe every single video that I post? There’s a couple of reasons why I do that, 1 because if someone needs closed captioning I want them to have it, 2 because Google can’t really hear what is said in videos so if you add the text of what is spoken, Google can read that and they can understand what they need to be ranking these videos for. Also, I use the transcript instead of a blog post so if you go over to you’ll see that every video has a transcript underneath it so I just use it double. But it takes a lot of time to transcribe these videos. Is it something that is absolutely vital to the success of The Bootstrap Boutique? No. It’s not. For that reason it falls in not important and not urgent and it is almost always the last thing I do before a video gets put to bed.

Research Videos

The fourth item on this to do list would be to research videos which is an important task because I need to know what kind of topics people in my audience are looking for so I can create videos that are going to best help them. However, that is not something that ever feels urgent to me mainly because I have so many things I want to talk about that I already know are going to resonate with this audience, that going out and spending time just researching more ideas doesn’t feel like something I need to do right now because I have pages full of ideas already.

Influencer Outreach

Number six is doing outreach to influencers in this space and I do believe that is important for the long term growth and success of The Bootstrap Boutique, but is it urgent? Is that something I feel like “uh, I got to do that right now” no. Maybe it should be, but I’m just doing this off how I feel.

Social Sharing

Number 7 is social sharing. Say that five times fast. But I, so for me that means posting to this on Twitter or on other social places where I hang out and that is something that is really falling in that urgent category because I want it to happen as soon as I post videos to start getting it out there and spreading the message but is it really important, do those tweets drive a lot of views to these videos? They don’t. No, not at all. So it’s not important and if it’s not happening day one I have to become more Ok with that because there’s other more important things I need to be doing.

Update Blog

The fourth item on this to do list would be to update my blog. Now I do think thats an important thing to do because something could happen and ¬†YouTube could go away and I still want to have a place where all this content and information can live. But my blog is really right now just a holding spot for those videos, its not something I drive traffic to, its not something I’m really particularly proud of at the moment, so I feel like its not as urgent. Now should I go out and really work on updating my blog then that will become more important to make it timely but right now I just don’t feel like its there so I’m more comfortable putting it in the not urgent category.


Number 8, working on my branding. I’m not an artist, I’m not a graphic designer, but I think we both know The Bootstrap Boutique branding could be spiffed up a little bit. But again, I don’t think you’re here or your not here because of my logo, I think you’re interested in building businesses, physical product businesses with Amazon most likely, so that’s just not been a focus of mine. I see people with branding that looks like it came from 2005 and they are doing just fine on the Internet. So its, it needs some attention, but again, not urgent for me. Not urgent at all.

Wrap Up

I hope you’ve enjoyed this overview of Stephen Covey’s time management matrix, if you didn’t get the graphics of what I was showing on screen, you can download a copy, I’ve got a link below in the description so go ahead and grab that and I will talk to you next time. Take care!

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