Amazon Seller Stories Todd Welch

Amazon Seller Success Stories: Todd Welch

Amazon Seller Success Stories: Todd Welch

I’m back with another REAL story from a REAL Amazon seller.

This week I’m talking with Todd Welch of Entrepreneur Adventure. Todd has been doing business online for decades now, so he has seen the internet go through a ton of changes over the years.

His current focus is selling physical products through Amazon FBA.

Todd’s profit mostly comes from his Wholesale and Retail Arbitrage business (where he does multiple five figures a month) and has dipped his toes in to private label.

It hasn’t gone as well as he’d hoped, but Todd has a plan for selling off his inventory and starting fresh with a focused brand. It’s where I think we all need to go.

Check out Todd here:
Entrepreneur Adventure YouTube 
Entrepreneur Adventure Website 

You can see my interview with Todd on his channel here.

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