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Have you ever held someone’s dream in your hand? Hey welcome back for another episode of The Bootstrap Boutique where beginners build businesses. I’m glad you’re here because today I want to talk about something a little meta, which is making these videos for you every week.

The Vlog Boss

And to do that I have to tell you about one of my YouTube mentors, Amy Schmittauer. That’s her right there. I found Amy and her YouTube channel SavvySexySocial back when I was looking for how to schedule a post to YouTube, or how to schedule a video to YouTube. Because I was that green and I was that new and I didn’t know how to do it.

See back in the early days of The Bootstrap Boutique I used to shoot a video, kind of edit it, and immediately upload it and I knew that if I was going to keep doing this week after week then I was going to have to find a better way.

So I go to YouTube and I search “how to schedule a video to post on Youtube” and Amy was there with a tutorial. I went and looked up how to do something else and Amy was there with a tutorial. Every question it felt like that I had about how to do something on YouTube, Amy had a tutorial.

She was out there providing value and showing her expertise in a way that was truly helpful for what I needed so I became a fan immediately. Her videos were not only informative, they were also entertaining and that led to me binge watching them. She’s got 700 and some, I haven’t seen them all I’m sure, but I’ve watched a lot of them because I was learning something with each new video.

How To Vlog Like A Boss

One thing that I really picked up on, and I didn’t know it was a “thing” was the way she structured her videos.  Her short intro, immediately giving you all the information you need, a call to action and end it. So there’s not all this extra fluff in her videos.

Oh, and look, there it is right there on page 87, it’s Amy’s Authority Video Formula all about how to do a YouTube video. And I have borrowed from it. Heavily.

It’s why you’ll notice now in my videos I try to really just jump into the content, cut to the chase and not give a whole bunch of fluff and talk about whatever I was talking about in those early videos that probably had nothing to do with Amazon or selling on Amazon.


It’s also why I end with a much more clear call to action. Do you remember when I used to spell our my Twitter handle at the end, who’s got time for that? Nobody. But if I say “hey, leave me a comment” you can do that. That’s one thing.

It’s not, “leave me a comment, like this video, check out the checklist, here’s my twitter handle, let me spell my email address for you” I don’t know what I was thinking. So thank you Amy, because I needed that.

Amy’s videos are all about giving value and that is absolutely something that I try to emulate in my videos for you guys. So hey, here’s my crystal clear call to action. I have a link to Amy’s book in the description below. Go click that link and buy her book.

Because I’ll tell you, I actually am a member of Amy’s book squad and I got an advanced digital copy to read for a review, and I loved the book so much and I got so much out of it that I went and I bought this book myself even though I already have it in pdf. One, I like paper, but also I wanted to support Amy because she’s given me so much through her channel and it’s an awesome resource.

It’s something that is going to be dog-eared, underlined, and sticky noted all over. So here’s that call to action again. Check the link below, buy the book. You won’t regret it. And I will talk to you next time. Take care.

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