What is Your Unfair Advantage?

Hey guys, my name is Megan and this is The Bootstrap Boutique, where I document my journey to creating a small online business.

This is week eight, I can not believe I have been doing this for two months already.  I also can’t believe that I don’t have a product in production already, but that’s a different video, we have covered that already, we are moving forward!

Today I want to talk about unfair advantages, and how everyone has one, whether you believe it or not.  I got the idea from this from a podcast that I like to listen to.

I work from home so I listen to a lot of podcasts during the day because you know, it gets kind of quiet when you’re at the house by yourself and I don’t think my boss would appreciate me having the tv on.

So I listen to this podcast called Startup which is made by Alex Blumberg who documented his journey of creating a business via podcast form.  Which is weird, its almost like other people have done this before.  So anyway, Alex created Gimlet Media, and Gimlet Media produces the podcast Startup.  Alex Blumberg, if that name is familiar to you at all, he is formerly of This American Life and Planet Money, which is another of my absolute favorite podcasts to listen to.

Anyway, in episode one, Alex is talking to investors about funding his business and he talks to the big mac daddy of investments or venture capitalist, a guy by the name of Chris Sacca.  Chris Sacca I have also seen on Shark Tank, I have listened to him on the Tim Ferris podcast, it is just one of those things where once you hear a name or learn about a concept it just starts popping up all over the place, it’s been kind of that experience for me.

But getting back to the point of the story, Chris asks Alex, “What is your unfair advantage?”  Because basically in business, if you can’t identify your unfair advantage, what is the point of anybody paying attention to you?

So that kind of got me thinking about, when I try to work on starting a business, what are my unfair advantages?

And actually, what I mentioned earlier, the fact that I work from home, I consider a big advantage for me.  For instance, these videos, I produce, or I shoot them anyway, during my lunch break.

Most people have to go out to Subway or to Panera or wherever and actually eat lunch on their lunch break.  Me, I eat all day.  I’m just grazing all day long.  So when I’m on  my lunch break, before I started this I used to do chores and stuff or go walk my dogs around the block, but now I sit here shooting videos most of the week, so, that’s fun.

But it is something that, you know, if I didn’t have this job where I get to work from home I just wouldn’t have time to do.

The other nice thing is that I don’t have a commute so it gives me time to unload the dishwasher, make up the bed, all that stuff in the morning or right after work instead of spending it sitting in a car with kind of just down time and not really using that time productively.   So, you have advantages that other people don’t have.

Maybe you just have spent a lot of time in the past developing knowledge in creating websites or you’re a really awesome artist and you sell your products on Etsy.  That is an advantage that I do not have.  I am not creative or musical or artistically talented in any way what so ever.

So basically, everybody has their thing and you need to identify what is that thing for you and how can you use that to move your business forward.  So think about it, tell me what your unfair advantage is, we won’t steal it.  Its your advantage.  You know, nobody can take away the fact that I work from home for me, except my boss again, but you know, this is lunch time just so you know, and leave in the comments.

Feel free to send me an email, visit the website, thebootstrapboutique.wordpress.com email is thebootstrapboutique@gmail.com.  And I will see you guys next week.  Thanks.

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