When You Don’t Meet Your Goals

Hey guys, and this is The Bootstrap Boutique where I document my journey to create an online business.

And today I just wanted to do a quick update so I am shooting in a different place than normal.  I work from home and I’m just in my little corner office space so first things first, I apologize for these curtains and this paneled wood, I know its not the best look but it’s a rental house, I didn’t make these decisions.

Anyway, didn’t want to take the time to set up the camera and do all that stuff today because its Friday and I’ve got a lot of things I have to run out and do on my lunch break which is usually when I shoot these videos.  But I did want to update you because on Wednesday I posted a video outlining a goal that I had set for myself and my business.

That goal was that by today, by Friday, I was going to have sent my first wire to Taiwan so that production could start on my first product and I was so excited about it.

And I am very sad to say that did not happen.  Actually, I think we may be further from that happening since I have been since I started this process and I am just…I’m bummed out.

So why did that happen?

Well, with Amazon when you send things to their warehouse for Fulfillment By Amazon, they have pretty strict requirements about what they can take into their warehouse, which totally makes sense. One of those requirements is that cartons, or boxes where you pack your products, can not be longer than 25 inches on their longest side.  The carton size that my supplier had quoted me was actually 27.5 inches, so too long.  What that means is that if I had them ship that to me, then I was going to have to repackage those products into smaller boxes before I could ship them to Amazon.

So I’m already trying to work with a smaller margin product and if I had to buy all those boxes that would just kill my margins.  So, it’s a problem, couldn’t do it.  I was trying to make it easy and I emailed my supplier and said hey do you have anything smaller than, I think it was 780 millimeters was the size that they quoted me.  They came back and they did.  They could get it down to about 21 inches on the longest side.  So I thought great.  We agreed to a new MOQ or minimum order quantity and I thought we were set.  I was typing up a purchase order and everything was good to go.

Last night I got an email that they raised the price of the carton by six dollars, so six dollars times fifty five cartons is a lot. It actually increased the cost by over twenty percent.  So I emailed the supplier back and said, “you are killing me.  I can’t agree to this price.  There is no way we can make this work.  If you and I, if we can’t work together to find something closer to, if not the original purchase price we agreed on, then I’m just going to have to drop the order and move on.”

I was really trying hard to just say that very plainly to give data without emotion but I will tell you that I have been in a bad mood all morning.

When I said in one of the earlier videos and again in a more recent video, Hard Work and the Fear of Failure, you know I didn’t expect the hard work part of it to be so emotionally hard.  I had no idea how emotionally invested I would get in this idea and in wanting to do this business.

So this is a big roadblock, I mean if I can’t move past this I’m going to have to just start over with a whole new product.  I know that won’t be the end of the world but I’m just really disappointed, I really want this one to work.

I’ve already put six weeks into just working on this one product, which is a lot of time in the Amazon Private Label world and I just want to get going so bad.  This is just another hurdle, another thing to overcome.

Something that you have ever dealt with?  If you have any suggestions for me as to what I should do, or other things I should think about please leave them in the comments, feel free to subscribe to these videos for more updates.  Hopefully not much more of me whining about how things aren’t going my way but lots of good positive, upbeat stories and thank you so much guys!  Take care.

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