Are you ready to finally start selling Private Label products on Amazon FBA?

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You have researched this enough to know that “Yes!” this is how you want to earn extra income to live the life of your dreams!

But…you haven’t taken much (or any) action toward actually having a product to sell.

You are…

  • scared of messing up and making mistakes
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • unsure about how to start

You could read another blog post, listen to another podcast, watch another (ahem) YouTube channel


You could launch your first product through a combination of online training, hot seat sessions, coaching and accountability.

Imagine what it would look like if you had a product selling on Amazon today.

 Sales are coming in no matter what you are doing, even if you are sleeping! Even if you are on vacation, or spending time with your family, or reading a good book.

It almost sounds to good to be true, but for thousands of Amazon sellers it is a reality.

It can be yours too.

Introducing the Kick Start Group Coaching Program for Aspiring Amazon Sellers!

During our six sessions together you will go from feeling like a total newbie to ready to conquer the world Amazon!

Each session is designed to keep you moving forward and making progress on getting that first product into an Amazon fulfillment center.  

Kick Start Group Coaching is designed for you – because you are ready to start your Amazon business.

Look – I keep this small for a reason. I want you to have the individual attention you get in 1:1 coaching at an affordable price point.  Limited seats are available, don’t wait or you’ll miss yours.

In addition to 6 hour long coaching sessions, you also get:

-lifetime access to detailed meeting notes and resources ($147 value)

-lifetime access to meeting recordings ($197 value)

-30 minute 1:1 session with me to discuss anything you want to keep private (great time to dive into your potential product!) ($297 value!)

Total Value: $1231

Your Investment: $497

Megan's group coaching was a great way to talk openly about any stage in the Amazon process! I knew every week that I would be able to share my updates and ask any question that came up along the way. I know that I wouldn't be where I am with my fist product launched if it wasn't for the support and encouragement.
Carolyn Thompson
Kick Start Student

Kick Start Group Coaching is perfect for you if you:

  • know the lingo (FBA, PL, Alibaba)
  • are tired of sitting on the sidelines
  • are ready to take action and do the work
  • want guidance, motivation and support
  • are willing to commit time + effort

Hi, I’m Megan.

I help aspiring entrepreneurs start small and think big about selling on Amazon FBA.  

I have been building a private label business since 2016 & sharing every step along the way on my YouTube Channel, The Bootstrap Boutique.  There you can watch me learn, grow, stumble and succeed and have confidence that I’ve been there, done that and can help you through it all.  

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