You Can’t Overcommunicate

Hey everybody, my name is Megan and this is the Bootstrap Boutique, where I document my journey to creating an online business.

Today, I feel like I could scream.  I have been really making some mistakes as I go about starting this business and I have really been having some issues that I am trying to work through and not lose my freaking mind over but it’s really starting to test my patience.

So let me tell you what’s happening.

A couple of things, first off, I have realized that you cannot over communicate.  When you think you are being clear, you’re probably not being clear enough.

And what I mean by that is this:  I have been going back and forth with my supplier for, I don’t know, six weeks now? Forever, it feels like.  But back when I first started the process I was trying to make some changes to a sample and it was going to be really expensive.

They were like, “well if you can get by with just out standard size product then that’s what I would recommend that you order.” So I said, ok, fine send me that sample.

Well, I never said that I didn’t want the sample size for my big product order and they never asked.  I also never said that I wanted my initial specifications, so I just never said.  And I was working off an assumption that I was just going to order whatever their sample was, and they thought I was working off the unique creation or whatever.

So that’s why we kept butting heads about the numbers.  I’m like, you’re changing the price and they are like, no this is the price we quoted.  Went back and looked at the email, we were both right.  I was right about the price they had quoted for their sample, she was right about the product that they had quoted for their unique creation.

So we were just not communicating with each other there well, at all.

And then, somehow, when I started emailing and asking for a smaller carton sized box so it would fit the Amazon warehouse specifications, she went back to thinking that we were talking about the different product specifications that I had and not their standard size, while I was still talking about their standard size.

So I think we have changed their shipping quote like four times at this point and it is just getting to a point where, I’m sure this lady in China is a very lovely person and she probably, when she sees emails from me is like, why am I dealing with you still? I can’t believe that they haven’t just said, “We’re not, we’re not doing this.”

You know, at the end of the day right now this is all pre-money and there is nothing really on the line except for our time and all my pride and ego, so that’s a good thing, I’m glad we are hammering it all out now, but wow, it has really been frustrating.  Because when you are dealing with somebody on the other side of the world you send an email and wait twelve hours and that is really stretching out the time.

The other way that I mean you can’t overcommunicate, so that is dealing with somebody in a foreign country, English is not their first language, we are dealing with a big time difference and this is my first time doing this and I am a complete newbie at it, where I believe that they are very experienced actually, but you know, I’m willing to give a lot of grace there for myself and the people in China because it is totally new and different.

I had a different issue today and that happened with somebody in this country, right up the road, speaks English, just didn’t really know what they were talking about and now has wasted a lot of my time.  Thankfully again, no money.

I went to open a checking account, a business checking account at a local credit union.  And I was like “I’m going to get a credit union account, because they are supposed to be awesome.” And not that they’re not awesome, but when I was going through the account opening process, I was asking lots of questions and one of those questions was, do you do international wires? And the guy said, “oh yeah yeah, we do that.”

And I thought, hmm, ok, that’s fine.  You know, sometimes you hear what you want to hear, right?

And if I had taken a step back and thought about it as I did after this situation happened, I wasn’t totally comfortable with that guys answer.  I did kind of get the feeling that he wasn’t really sure what he was talking about.  And that is something that I have to really work on a lot during my day job and pick up on people when they are giving me an answer they aren’t entirely sure is true, to really press and make sure that we’ve got the right information.

So I didn’t do that in this situation because I was doing what I often warn people that I work with about, which is don’t hear what you want to hear, hear what is actually being said, and I heard what I wanted to hear.  So, I get in there today, and I’m ready to send a wire, we’re ordering samples for product number two, which I’m really getting ahead of myself in the steps, but that’s an issue for another day.

I was ready to send a wire, these people are expecting a wire, I’ve got my paper with the bank instructions, and everything that I need to go and I’m ready and the lady says, “We don’t do international wires.” And I thought, “You’re kidding me.” And she said no, and I said, “You don’t do them ever?” and she said no.  And I just smiled and said, “I need you to close my account then.”

Because, it’s one of those things where you just can’t even believe that that just happened.  It’s like, if it wasn’t so frustrating it would be really funny.

Maybe in five years I’ll tell this story and laugh.  Today I am not laughing.

I wasn’t one of those people that was going to make a huge deal out of it, international wires are not something that you are going to just start doing, but I was pretty frustrated.  So now I have to go find another bank  and set up a whole other account somewhere.  So that is frustrating, that wastes a lot of time.

Business accounts, if you’ve ever set up one, I actually used to work in a bank so I used to do the actual set up of them, they can take forever.  There’s a lot of moving parts that go into it and so I’m just thinking I can’t believe that I have to do this again.  But, I’m persevering, I am going to continue to move forward because, you know, these are not the worst challenges that I’m going to face in trying to start this business, and like I said, hopefully one day I’ll just laugh about it.  But yeah, today, not a happy camper.

So I’m going to wrap it here for this week because I don’t want to go into full on angry Megan mode, that would not be fun for anyone.  So you know, tell me about some challenges that you’re facing, tell me about how you overcame because it always makes me feel better, misery loves company and its good to know you’re not alone in something.

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I will talk to you next week, I will have a better story to share I am sure of it.  Thanks guys.

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