Health & Wellness Coach Mikayla Colthirst-Reid on Protecting Your Vision and Launching Naturally Whole

It’s my first Interview!  So Excited!

Hey welcome back for another week of The Bootstrap Boutique, super excited you’re here because I’ve got something a little different this week.

Earlier on in the week, I was able to interview Mikayla of Naturally Whole, she is the person, if you remember a few weeks back, I was helping her do some coaching and get practice and she told me I needed to buy a lampshade so I could sleep better at night and then that sent me on this whole spiral of how we inadvertently hold ourselves back.

So that’s Mikayla and her and I sat down and talked about what it feels like to build a new business, how she got started, how she got interested and there’s some great tips for you if you’re also beginner looking to build a business.

A couple of things that she said that really stood out to me.  One that I love, listen for this in the interview, guard your vision, and why that’s so important.  So pay attention to that one.

Also got a few awesome book recommendations for you so those are linked down in the comments in the description below make sure you check those out if they are of interest to you.

I’m going to stop talking.  Let’s go to the interview.

Megan: So Mikayla, thanks for joining us here at the Bootstrap Boutique.  You know that what we really focus on is beginners building businesses, and I know that you are starting a new business, so why don’t you just kick us off by telling us a little about yourself, who you are, what you do, I know you have a day job and your side job so could you just talk a little bit about that for us?

Mikayla: Awesome, so I am a communications and marketing professional by day, but on the side I’ve created what I call my baby which is a health coaching practice and blog its called Naturally Whole.

So the mission of me building Naturally Whole is to help young professional women who really want to make an impact and change the world but feel like they have so much on their plate all the time and they can’t handle it all and keep themselves healthy physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and all that good stuff.  So that is kind of the focus of the business and what I want to build from the ground up.

Megan:  Cool, and so what you’ve got right now, you’ve got your blog, that I’ve seen and it looks awesome, its got some really good content on it, and is that it for right now or how do you plan on building and adding to it?

Mikayla: So it is a blog right now.  Right now I’m focusing on building out a thirty day signature coaching program as well as building some kind of, I don’t know what you’d call it, on demand content as well.

So hopefully what’s coming down the pipe in the next year is a video course, a couple of survival kits, little resources that people can purchase and some will be offered as bonus for free as well.  But little resources that people can tap into, to really help themselves balance their lives properly.

And also a huge goal of mine is to create an amazing community of support for people like me, because I did create this with myself in mind and had a need for something that I found I didn’t have.

Megan:Yeah, so I’m kinda finding the same thing, like I’m my best client.  When I think about what kind of content should I create, its like, well what do I wish that somebody would just tell me about? And then I just shoot a video on it.  So I think its important that you know you can kind of start close to home, you don’t have to go out and try to do something big and crazy, you can just solve a problem that you have for yourself and that will translate to other people that feel the same way.

Mikayla:  Exactly.

Megan: When you said people that have too much on their plate I’m like, ME! That’s me!  And it’s all self imposed.

Mikayla:  Yeah, and that’s exactly the thing too, I feel like you’ve hit the nail right on the head.  It is self imposed and often times we feel like its other people that are putting all these different burdens on us but if we really took an honest look at our life and our schedule we’d realize that we actually do have a lot of choice about how we spend our time and it’s about taking that control back and taking that power back and deciding ‘ok these are my boundaries and this is how I’m going to spend my time in order to grow and become a thriving person.’

Megan:  Yeah, that’s awesome.  So, you may have already answered this, but how did you get the idea to start Naturally Whole?

Mikayla: well I think it was kinda a work in progress over the last couple of years.  Over the last 5 maybe 6 years I took more of an interest in fitness.  Like, I was always an athlete at school and stuff but I took a more focused interest in fitness as it relates to nutrition and the whole mental health aspect of it too and it was developing spiritually and I had this conception of this idea that I want something holistic to meet  everybody’s needs because there are a lot of talks about health but those things are focused on ok well let’s have smoothies or lets make a buddah bowl or something but they don’t concentrate on fitness the way that I like to do fitness which is lots of high intensity stuff and recently I started running long distances as well, so that combined with the spiritual aspect of my life.

So I found that I really wanted a community and a place where people’s interest and love for all of those things could kind of mirror each other and they could find a spot for themselves in a community that cared about all of those different things because I really do think that in order to thrive, you got to take care of all those different areas, you can’t just be kind of obsessed with your diet or you can’t just be obsessed with getting to the gym on a regular basis or just obsessed with studying the bible or any kind of spiritual book that you are pursuing, you need to have all those different things in one to make you a whole person.  Hence the name Naturally Whole.

Megan:  And a lot of times too people do get, you get really out of balance in one of those areas and you don’t even realize it, right, so you can get, like when I used to run, I would just run.  I didn’t do anything else, I didn’t worry about how I eat and stuff like that, because it’s like “well, I’m going to run ten miles tomorrow, so what’s it matter?”  but it does still matter because you can’t really eat like pizza and ice cream and drink a beer and then go run ten miles the next day.  I mean you can, but its not fun.  Not very sustainable.  Ask me how I know.

So, when you decided to start Naturally Whole, you said its something you had been thinking about for a few years that you wanted to do, did you have any fears or obstacles or limiting beliefs that you had that were holding you back from getting started?

Mikayla: Oh totally.  I actually had started a few different blogs before deciding to go forward with that because I think my ideas were really just developing and changing.  You know I would start something and then kind of do it and then it would fall off a little bit.  So eventually it kind of evolved into a place where I mean my skills to build a website and to build a brand around it had developed to a point where I could actually launch something that looked cohesive.

But before it was just kind of a personal blog where I would just kind of throw up a recipe or just kind of talk about what was on my mind.  It wasn’t very focused or anything.  I do think that I had a lot of reservations about putting my work out there in the world and starting a personal blog, its kind of like a diary, like the old days of live journal or whatever.  Where its kind of, you know its still your thoughts but you’re not, I don’t know you’re not trying to promote it, you’re not trying to promote yourself, and this whole self promotion, I think that that’s a huge barrier for me.  Because you have to kind of, switch your thinking to I’m promoting myself to there may be someone like me who really needs this and this is what I’m giving to them.

So it’s not necessarily about promoting yourself as it is you know, getting over yourself enough to provide someone with something that they need.  And I think that was a huge thing that I had to overcome. And I still have to overcome it on a pretty regular basis but my mindset shift has dramatically improved the amount of things that I’m able to create and put out into the world, which is awesome.

Megan: So you said two things there that I love.

One, the first one was when you talked about the other little blogs that you had built out there and it was just a matter of developing your skill set, and that is something that I’ve also struggled with, I think that’s probably pretty common that you see a lot of people have these little projects that they work on or something like that, that maybe you learn one aspect of something in one and then you move on and you learn another aspect and then you get far enough down that path enough times and you’re able to put something together and now you’ve got a business.  That you never would have if you just made yourself say ok well I’m going to go out and do it perfect the first time.  Because its not going to happen so that was awesome. I love that.

And then the other thing that I love that you said was that you had to get over yourself in order to promote yourself.  Because that’s true, because you feel, I mean, I won’t put words in your mouth, but I feel like, who am I to go out and tell these people how to do whatever.  And you know, it is kinda a, you got to get over that about yourself and realize that you do know things that you can put out there that can help somebody.

Because I know, I google how to do really dumb basic stuff that you should know how to do.  I have seen youtube videos on how to fry an egg, and somebody had to put that out there and share it, and I mean, I don’t fry eggs but thats not dumb to the ten thousand people that watched that video.  So you’ve got to get over yourself to promote yourself, I love that.  I’m stealing it, it’s going on my quote wall.

Mikayla: Yeah!

Megan: As a new business owner just getting started, what advice to you tell people that haven’t, or do you give people that haven’t yet made that jump, that are still sitting on the sidelines?

Mikayla:  A few things.  One is to just not worry about doing things perfectly the first time, like you said.  Because you have to start somewhere.  And it’s just like you were telling me a moment ago about your youtube videos and how you force yourself to keep them up so you can really see that journey.

And it’s not just for you but keep in mind that’s for other people who maybe want to start a youtube channel but they’re like, oh no but I have to have it as perfect as this, well no.  If they go back and look at your first ones they’ll realize ok well I can do this and then I can build up to a level that I’m happy with.

Because the only reason why we criticize ourselves so much is actually because our standards are very high.  Which is good, so it’s a good thing to want to work up to that.  And I think that perfect is the enemy of good and perfect is the enemy of done.  So you’re not going to get anywhere unless you start first of all.

Megan: Yeah, yeah and people that have the oh sorry, go ahead

Mikayla:  are you sure?

Megan:  yeah, go ahead, this is your interview.

Mikayla: Remember your thought, remember your thought and I want to hear it.  I was going to say the second piece of advice is definitely to invest in a coach, or some sort of mentorship program or mastermind or something where you can be in a safe place with people that have your back and that want to see you succeed.

Because, you know as someone thats trying to build a business or a ministry or blog or whatever, theres always going to be people that are going to echo that voice in your head saying who do you think you are?  You can’t do this, this is stupid.  Just negative talk and it is a reality that some people will react that way if you try to tell them what you’re doing so you need to kind of guard your, not guard your ideas in that you can’t share them with people but guard them, guard your vision.  You know?

And having a coach or a mastermind or a support group is a great way to do that because everyone is in the same boat, they’ve likely been where you are and everyone is just championing everybody on and its so empowering to have that support group.  And we met in one of those groups.

Megan:  we did!  We did. Do you have any other coaches or mentors that you work with?

Mikayla:  Yeah, I’m working with a business coach right now as well and she is just fantastic and we have another mastermind group as well that I work in and we have some group calls and a video course that we go through as well so I do think that its one of the best moves that I’ve made for myself in terms of personal growth, not just for business but just to, to make a step that demonstrates even to your own self that you’re worth the investment and its the best form of learning that I’ve ever had so far.  It builds off book knowledge and stuff but I think that everyone should do it at least once.

Megan:  Right. You’ve got to invest in yourself, otherwise I mean, it just saves you so much in the long run and you gain so much from it.  So absolutely agreed with that. When you said guard your vision, I don’t know if you saw but I was like (sucks break in) because I love that, that’s so good.  I love that, that’s a really good one.  Let’s see, you’ve got a bookshelf behind you I see.  So tell us a book that everybody should read.

Mikayla:  Persuasion by Arlene Dickinson, and I don’t know if you guys have ever seen  Dragon’s Den, I know in the states its Shark Tank.

Megan: Yeah, we have Shark Tank, yeah.

Mikayla:  So Dragon’s Den is the Canadian equivalent and Arlene Dickinson she owns a communications company based in Calgary and Toronto, and I’m going to fact check that so before you put it in the video, let me make sure that is correct.  But she did write this book and I admire her as a judge or a Dragon on the den and I was really interested in entrepreneurship, this was my last couple of years in university, so I bought the book and I read it and its, its a little bit of her story and about being a woman in leadership, being a women entrepreneur and its very inspiring.  So I would recommend that to anyone starting out.

Another book, I’m always super into the Bible, I grew up with faith so that’s something that I’m always kind of reading and looking into and searching for those bits of wisdom there.

The other book that I want to say and I can’t see it on the shelf right now but its called The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.  And that was a great book that I use, actually when I was launching Naturally Whole, I was, I was in that book pretty much every day motivating myself and its all about how we need to just keep showing up.  So Steven Pressfield he’s big about being a professional at whatever you want to be.  So if you’re a blogger, you show up at your computer and you write something every day.  Even if you think that its garbage, you fight the resistance, you fight the voice that’s inside of you saying whatever you’re going to write isn’t good enough and even if you get out one line or if you get out 800 words that day, you’ve shown up, you’re a blogger and that’s the job that you’ve done.  So I do think that’s really great, its a couple hundred pages, its not even very long so its a great read, its very motivating.  I still refer back to it sometimes.

Megan: Love it, awesome. So that’s probably one of those that’s highlighted, doggy eared….

Mikayla:  Oh yeah.

Megan: Yeah, I’ve got a few of those on my shelf also.  Alright Mikayla, tell everybody where they can find you.  Where they can find you on social, find your blog, where you’re hanging out online?

Mikayla: Yeah, so you can find me at, thats  Naturally Whole.  I’m also on Instagram, that’s my favorite social place to hang out, so that’s @naturallywhole777.

Megan: So really exciting stuff, what you’ve got going on and I’m excited to continue to watch it and will keep track on what you’re doing so feel free to come back any time and chat an thanks so much for your time tonight!

Mikayla: Of course, really good being on Megan!

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