Stop Creating Roadblocks For Yourself

You know who’s been really getting in my way lately? Me.

Hey guys my name is Megan and this is The Bootstrap Boutique where beginners build businesses.  Glad you are back.

So I was doing a coaching call with a friend who is launching a coaching business one night earlier this week.  Hey Mikayla!  And we were talking about mostly how I just have not been getting enough sleep lately.  So I asked her for as a take away one really small bite sized action item that I could do to get better sleep.

So we were going through and she’s asking me all these different questions, we’re talking about all these different things as you do with a coach and she asked me to describe my bedtime routine.

Here’s what I told her.  Normally what I like to do to wind down at night is to get in bed a little early and read a book for thirty minutes or so.  But ever since we moved to this new house, I haven’t been doing that, and here’s the really dumb reason why.

I threw away my lampshade.

Sounds crazy, right?  So what have I been doing instead? Taking my phone into bed and reading it for thirty minutes or so and then trying to get a good nights sleep.  We all know thats a terrible idea.  That the light from your phone screen some how messes with your sleep and it doesn’t let you get into those good deep sleep cycles like you want to do at night.

Yeah, sometimes it just really helps to say things out loud and make you realize, oh, I’m being stupid.

So we’re in this coaching session and I’m like wait, Mikayla, are you going to just tell me that I need to buy a lampshade?  So I can go back to reading at night and get better sleep?  And she laughed and she’s like, “You know that’s probably not a bad idea.”

So that really just got me thinking about roadblocks that we throw up for ourselves, ways that we get in our own way, in all different areas of life but especially in starting a business.  It is so easy to let a small roadblock completely detour you and take you off your progress.

Ok so here’s an example. You know that I am working on launching a private label product to sell on Amazon.  Well, there’s the Amazon that you see when you go in to shop, and then there’s the back end of Amazon called Sellers Central which is where people that sell on Amazon log in to manage their account.  Here I am all ready to set up a shipping plan with Amazon, get a FNSKU which is their identifier, going to do all this stuff in Sellers Central right? I am excited, focused and ready to go.

So I go and I log in and I get this error message and I still, it’s been like two days I still can’t figure out what it is trying to tell me or what I need to do.  I’ve reset my password, I’ve done all the things that it’s telling me to do and I cannot get into that account.  In the grand scheme of things it really shouldn’t be a big deal but holy crap it has now derailed me for two days.

So what am I going to do for the rest of this afternoon?  Probably continue to work on that which is really frustrating because it just kills momentum, right?  Just stops you dead in the tracks.  But what separates people that are successful from people that aren’t?  Think about it.  It is preservering in the face of big, insurmountable odds, yes, but also just the daily grind of stuff.  Just the nitty gritty getting through the grind of it all.  If you can’t get through that then you can’t face the big obstacles down the road.

So let’s make sure that no matter what, they we find a way.  Don’t let it throw you off.  That applies to Megan, that applies to you.  Identify your roadblocks, recognize them and do everything you can to get them out of your way so you can keep moving forward and making progress.

That’s what I’m going to be working on, would love to hear what you’re working on.  I want to hear about any roadblocks that you have, even things that are stupid as not buying a lampshade that keeps you from getting a good night’s sleep.  Because you’ve got something like that in your life too.

Thumbs up to this video if you’ve ever realized that you have something stupid like that standing in your way and there was an easy way to fix it.  Hey I’d love to know what you think about this video and if you’ve ever had an issue similar to mine with the lampshade where you just kind of had a realization, that’s a really stupid thing I’m letting hold me back.  Leave it down in the comments or find me on Twitter @megloftin.

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