what is the bootstrap boutique

The Bootstrap Boutique – An Introduction

what is the bootstrap boutique
What is The Bootstrap Boutique?

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What is the Bootstrap Boutique? How do you start a small business and what does the “hard work” involved actually entail? Join me as I try to figure it all out!

The Bootstrap Boutique – Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Megan and you are watching the first episode of The Bootstrap Boutique.

And you’re probably asking yourself, what is The Bootstrap Boutique? And to answer your question right now, this is video one, and it’s just me, hoping to start a small online business.

This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time, and you know in all the years I’ve thought about starting a small business, I’ve done lots of reading of business books, I’m just a reader by nature.

What is ‘Hard Work’?

What I find is that entrepreneurs and small business owners, they always talk about the start of their business, by saying, “I did a lot of hard work.” And, I always thought, “well, what does that mean?” I always wished people would dig in a little bit more and do a little more explaining of what kind of hard work they had to do to start a business.

I know it’s going to be hard just to 1 – to take action 2- to find paying clients 3- to keep those clients and to grow but you can pay some lip service to that but I just wanted to go through what that actually looks like in a week by week process.

So I hope that this is something that you will find value in, and that you will want to follow along with. I plan on covering every step that I take to start a small business from deciding what I’m going to even do, because I don’t have that wrapped up yet, to business structure, to how do I build a brand online, all of these things are things I want to talk about in this series so we can learn by doing and you and I can go through that together.

Stick with Me!

Again, hopefully that is valuable to you. If you think it will be, please go ahead and subscribe to this channel so I know you’re watching or leave a comment and I will look forward to reading those.

If this is something that you are interested in, come with me, take some action of your own, and I will look forward to seeing you next week. Thank you!

You can watch this video at The Bootstrap Boutique YouTube channel here.

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